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This mod turns the Assault Rifle into an Assault Rifle themed at myself(doompig444). It is much darker, and has my logo imprinted on it. How...


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This mod turns the Assault Rifle into an Assault Rifle themed at myself(doompig444). It is much darker, and has my logo imprinted on it. However, the true secret isn't on that part; this Assault Rifle has 3 innovative designs implanted upon it. All 3 of these designs were thought up by me, and me alone. -Arrow compass -Handwritten Ammo Numbers -Display plate saying "AMMO" rather than the "x *bullet* thingy" This skin is supposed to look quite shabby, as I like things shabby. E.g. the handwritten numbers on the ammo counter.

Jackle tells me he's never seen the 3 innovative designs listed above used on any other mod/skin, so I'll assume that I am the first to do it. If that's true, then please credit me if you wish to copy any of the designs above. Jackle already has my permission.

The mod also includes Halo 3 sounds and multipurpose maps by PM7. There is also anims, by FlamingRain, and a model by TAZZ. Plus a custom reticle by me. Supposedly, it's because this is an MA5C assault rifle customized by me so that my logo and stuff is on it. In reality, I just thought the skins looked better with the Halo 3 AR model and anims.

This is a beta, and future updates may have Battle-Scarring and more details.

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Download '' (1.35MB)

MA5C-DP Variant Assault Rifle beta 0.3
by doompig444

This skin is the best skin I have ever made. It is a skin for the assault rifle that
is customized for me. I could make it uncustomized for me, but nah...

Supposedly, I repainted an MA5C Assault Rifle so it is themed at me. In reality, I used
gimp to edit a normal MA5B skin so it's themed at me. The difference there is scarce,
but there is a difference.

This skin is awesome merely because I have(I believe) pioneered many never-before-seen
features upon it. Here they are:

Compass - The compass is now modified by me so that, rather than a strange looking pointer
telling you where to go, it's a standard arrow. Like this -->, except I drew it. I believe
(and Jackle does too) that I am the first to have changed it into an arrow, though some
of the concepts were based off of the "NE" "N" "NW" thing used in Pepsi's FTW.

Numbers - Jackle tells me he has never seen anything like ithis before. I erased Bungie's
mechanical-looking LCD numbers and drew my own in gimp. Hand-drawn by me with a mouse,
these numbers look shabby and crooked. 

Display Plate - I'm not sure whether anyone else has done this before, but it's still
awesome nevertheless. Remember that thing on the ammo counter, which is an &quot;x <=&quot; thingy,
directly under the amount of ammo you have, which is basically same you have 60 x Bullets?
Well, I changed that, so now it just says AMMO(refer to the screenies if you still don't
know what I mean). 

The three awesome advances in Assault Rifle skinning listed above are solely my work, not
copied off anyone, unless you count that small bit of inspiration to change the plate from
Pepsi. The assault rifle is also shinier(thanks to Jackle for telling me about that
pistol cubemap thing).

The mod includes a diffuse gunmetal skin to make the rifle shiny, a full set of compass
and number skins, the skin itself, the halo 3 assault rifle multipurpose map by pm7, h3
assault rifle sounds, a cool reticle by me, and h3 assault rifle anims.

Installation Instructions:
 General Skin
   Open up any map in HMT. Find the &quot;bitmaps&quot; tag, and find where it says:
   weaponsassault riflefpbitmapsassault rifle_fp
   Then click &quot;Inject Texture&quot;.
   Find the enclosed &quot;; file, and click &quot;Open&quot;.
   Find &quot;weaponsassault riflefpbitmapsdisplay_fp&quot;
   Inject &quot;;
   Do the same for &quot;weaponsassault riflefpbitmapsassault rifle multipurpose&quot;, but use
   the &quot;;.
   Now find &quot;uihudbitmapscombinedhud_reticles&quot;.
   Find the 128x128 one.
   Hit &quot;Inject Texture&quot;, and inject the enclosed &quot;;.
   Now inject &quot;diffuse; into the correct spot, you should now know where.
   Find &quot;weaponsassault riflefpbitmapsnumbers_plate&quot;.
   Now, starting from the top, inject my skins into the corresponding spot, you should
   be able to figure it out.
   Find &quot;weaponsassault riflefpbitmapscompass_plate&quot;.
   Do basically the same as what you do for the numbers, except use the enclosed compass
   skins instead.
   Now hit &quot;Save&quot;.
   Find &quot;animations&quot; tag in HMT. Now find where it says &quot;weaponsassault riflefpfp&quot;.
   Press &quot;Inject Meta&quot; and inject the enclosed &quot;fp.antr.meta&quot; file.
   Hit &quot;Save&quot;.
   Find where the &quot;model&quot; tag in HMT, and scroll down to &quot;weaponsassault riflefpfp&quot;.
   Select the first(and only) model in the list, and click &quot;Import Model&quot;.
   Import the enclosed &quot;H3AssaultRifleFP.obj&quot; file.
   Hit &quot;Save&quot;.
   Open up the &quot;sound&quot; tag in HMT.
   Find where it says soundsfxweaponsassault riflefire&quot;.
   Now inject the corresponding file into the list, e.g. the enclosed &quot;fire.brown2_1.wav&quot;
   into &quot;fire.brown2_1.wav&quot;.
   Now do the same for the flashlight, dryfire, and weapon ready sounds, into the proper
   Hit &quot;Save&quot;.
After you're done with all these, hit &quot;Close Map File&quot;, and start up Halo. You're done!

Assault Rifle skin: doompig444
Assault Rifle display: doompig444
Assault Rifle crosshair: doompig444
Assault Rifle numbers skin(s): doompig444
Assault Rifle compass skin(s): doompig444
Assault Rifle Multipurpose skin: PM7
Assault Rifle Sounds: PM7
Assault Rifle Animations: FlamingRain
Assault Rifle Model: TAZZ
All Original Bitmaps that I modded: Bungie
Creating the Game(Duh...): Bungie
Additional Support and Help: Jackle 

Legal Shiz:
If you wish to use this skin, or any concepts used in this skin, e.g. the cool ammo counter
and stuff, simply credit me or their respective owners, e.g. FlamingRain for animations.
Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm the first to do many of the things that I did to the display.
Just give credit where it's due and you're fine =P?


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