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This is a complete reticle over-haul from ImBrokeAreU. The pack contains new reticles for just about every weapon and vehicle, and is compat...


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This is a complete reticle over-haul from ImBrokeAreU. The pack contains new reticles for just about every weapon and vehicle, and is compatible with Halo trial and Halo PC. Detailed and installation instructions are included in the readme. This reticle pack is a neat change from the normal Halo set. These new ones are based roughly on the old ones (you can see where the inspiration came from) but they don’t bear too much of a resemblance. These are more detailed with interesting “features” and help for more accurate aiming with some weapons, and add to the general interest. My favourite new ones have to be the shotgun and the Rocket launcher. I think they just look so much better than the standard set because of details, accuracy and variation. I highly recommend this pack to everyone and personally, I will certainly be keeping it as my standard set. Great little mod here.


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Download 'ezreticles.zip' (17KB)


First of all, you'll need to download HMT (Halo Map Tools. Some times called Halo mod tools). This 
program enables you to mod certain .map files that Halo Uses. Very useful. 

1. To install the reticles, just open HMT and go to the bitmaps section. Scroll down to where it 
   says: ui\ hud\ bitmaps\ combined\ hud_reticles. There should be 14 items in there. The first 
   one is 128x128 and the others are 64x64. 

2. First unzip the .dds files to a desired folder. When you unziped them, Just follow the numbers 
   in front of the .dds files to inject the reticles .The list below just shows what the list of 
   numbers when you open ui\ hud\ bitmaps\ combined\ hud_reticles in HMT are.(This list is for Halo 
   trial. It should also apply for Halo full version but I haven¡¯t checked yet.)

   1.	128x128 Assault rifle, warthog driver, pistol, and no weapon reticle.
   2.	64x64 Banshee reticle
   3.	64x64 Warthog chain gun reticle
   4.	64x64 Plasma pistol reticle
   5.	64x64 Plasma rifle reticle
   6.	64x64 Gravity rifle reticle 
   7.	64x64 Needler reticle
   8.	64x64 Rocket launcher reticle
   9.	64x64 Shotgun reticle and multiplayer flamethrower reticle
   10.	64x64 Scorpion reticle
   11.	64x64 Covenant gun turret reticle
   12.	64x64 Ghost reticle
   13.	64x64 Multiplayer fuel rod reticle 
   14.	64x64 Multiplayer warthog rocket turret reticle

3. For the Sniper reticle, go to ui\ hud\ bitmaps\ sniper\ hud_reticles_scope and inject the sniper
   reticle.dds into that file. 

4. Open up Halo trial and enjoy!!

NOTES: If you don¡¯t know how to inject textures, Do step one and just highlight the file under the 
       Tag editor and click inject texture. Since I zipped the files, unzip to a desired folder so 
       you can browse the files to be injected (only .dds files will work). 

       These reticles are made for easer aiming. If you do know how to use HMT to mod, you would 
       probably want to make the spread of the bullets to a low degree so these reticle will come
       to use. 

These files does follow all copyright laws. Please do not try to sell these file or brag that you 
made them.

If you have any comments or ideas for other reticles, email me at [email protected] If 
it's hate mail, don't bother. Plz no spamming. Thanks! 


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