Gravity Rifle

This is a bloodgulch mod for halo PC, but not in that way! This mod replaces the Assault rifle with the gravity rifle. It also changes the g...

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File Description

This is a bloodgulch mod for halo PC, but not in that way! This mod replaces the Assault rifle with the gravity rifle. It also changes the grass texture and the frag grenade count, but the major focus is on the gravity rifle.

It's a great weapon for stunts and play, but if the mod is intended to be for serious gameplay, I would say replacing another weapon instead of the assault rifle would be better. Overall, good work though. The final version should be good

As for recruitment, Zoxin would like someone to make a reticle and HUD for this weapon so if anyone is willing please could they post below or email (see readme). Also, please remember that this is a beta, so any constructive comments, please post below or email as well.


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Re-Upload Request Restoration

_Gravity Rifle Beta (1.0)_

Description: This mod replaces the assault rifle with my gravity rifle.
It was not my model... in fact I don't know who's it is because it
isn't in game, even though it is. Hard to explain, but now back to the 
description. This is only a beta version, whoever can make me a 
working HUD interface and reticle for it, please let me know. It is 
very powerful, to powerful in fact. It may be the reason that people 
will download this mod. I will fix the powerfulness in the next mod 
I make... I hope. If not, then I will just decrease the accuracy of it 
(which is the same accuracy as a sniper by the way). The projectiles it 
shoots are covenant turret rounds, and 3 at a time at that. The reason 
I kept it's name of the gravity rifle is because if you shoot things 
like warthogs, ghosts or banshees, they'll go flying (could be used 
tactically!). The only other things I did in terms of modding was that 
I made the maximum number of frag grenades that you're able to carry 
to 99 and I changed the grass in the map to look dead... I think it 
adds a little more deathliness to the name bloodgulch.
Hope you enjoy!

~Sir Svalen



Open up The PPF-o-matic and in the section labelled "ISO File" click on the floppy disk and look your "c:\program files\microsoft games\Halo\MAPS\"
directory for your file (if you do not see it click on the "Files of type" to all files) and click open.
Next In the section labelled "Patch" search for "GravityRifle.ppf"and click open.
Next just press apply and your done! Go play with your new mod! And others can play it too! Even if they don't have the mod! (but do recommend to them to get it!)


Remove the orignal (incase you didn't back it up, the original is included in this download!) 
and place it on your "c:\program files\microsoft games\Halo\MAPS\" directory and click yes to overwrite.
And then boom! Normal gulch again!



For feedback or questions contact me at either:

Filefront Member Name: Zoxin0


If use of this mod is used without my consent, or if you do not put me 
in the credits of your creation with this mod, then legal action WILL 
be taken!

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