Great War Hopeless Battle

Great War Hopeless Battle is a map designed for co-op play. You, and friend play through this level with a handfull of marines on foot and i...

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File Description

Great War Hopeless Battle is a map designed for co-op play. You, and friend play through this level with a handfull of marines on foot and in Vehicles. Read the read-me for the backstory of the level and list of the few bugs this game has.

Note: only play this map in slayer mode.

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Author: XARMOG

Map Size: Large


Greatwar - Hopeless Battle:

Upon entering the system of an unknown ice planet, the ship Annilator
finds a covenant fleet orbiting the ice planet.
They got detected after they exited slip space.
Now you and your partner, two surviving spartans awake
from the cryotubes and escape the ship in a pelican. Thus crashing
on the ice planet with some surviving marines, also the the 
foreunners seem to have been there once, reasons unknown.
Your goal is to survive!

Map Bugs: The music at the bridge area restarts when you shoot the ai some.
          The pelican has missing strings for the seats.
          When the marines get in your warthog and you make them get out, The non party host
          will see them still in the warthog. and when their dead they float in the seats.
          To fix this you get the other players to get in hog before the ai's get in.
          same goes with all vehicles.

Battle Rifle v2 - a version of the BR, has a 2x to 8x zoom and fires single accurate shots.

Assault Rifle - more accurate...and i think that it

Plasma Assault rifle - A modification of the AR that 
has plasma ammo clips that fires plasma bolts, and has
a slower firerate than Assault rifle but much more accurate. oh and it has 740 max ammo 
instead of 600.


Plasma Rifle

Sniper Rifle - More powerful, and has a 2x to 8x to 15x scope.

Vehicles: The warthog you start out with
          The tank after the brige fight - increased accuracy
          And the pelican you fly at end of level.


Fifthtrigun: The ones giving the ideas

Me: i did all the work...besides the ideas.

Knave: The battle rifle from his tags release 1 which i modified of course ;).

Beta Testers:


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