Grove Final

grove_final.zip —


In the lush canyons on Halo, a battle takes place among the long abandoned Forerunner structures.



Grove is set in the lush canyons of Halo, among long-abandoned Forerunner structures. The red side features high cliffs and a winding path over a mountain. The blue side features tunnels and a natural bridge. In the center is a waterfall and a strange Forerunner hydroprocessing structure. Tunnels lead to large caverns inside the cliffs. 

This is the finished version of the public beta release grovebeta. 

Special Thanks: 
Tiamat for tags used in his ncyborg 
Lightning and H2CE for teleporters and flag bases 
dg945 for some tags, beta testing, concepts, ideas, and for being a great help in general 
Neuro for his suggestions 
Schwinnz for some of the inspiration 
Wave of Lag for making me learn how to UV unwrap 
All the people (except Masterz) who wanted their name in some random map

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