Grunt wars

Grunt wars is a trial mod brought to us by SSumar. It features a Bloodgulch, scarred with war of the short kind. While there are plenty of v...


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Grunt wars is a trial mod brought to us by SSumar. It features a Bloodgulch, scarred with war of the short kind. While there are plenty of vehicles scattered throughout the wartorn vally, they are completely useless as, you’re too short to use them. Yes, you’ve guessed it; you play as a grunt. Consequently due to the Grunt’s measly arm strength, you can also only use the plasma pistol and needler. But wait… These are no ordinary plasma pistols and needlers. These are plasma pistols that shoot sniper shots in the normal round and homing green balls of plasma in the charged (yes, I know that’s normal, but hey; don’t shoot the messenger). These are Needlers that instead of shooting needles, shoot grenades instantly. So picture it; yourself as a grunt and a pair of modified weapons at your disposal. A recipe for carnage? Well, now add about 50 other such grunts with exactly the same weapons, shielding etc as you, most of whom would like you to follow in the footsteps of the Dodo. And there you have Grunt wars; Does exactly what it says on the tin.

An incredibly irritating, however addictive map, this, in my opinion. You have tremendous fun sniping grunts with your plasma pistol, only to see about half a dozen notice you and proceed to remove your entrails with a hail of sniper rounds and grenades. Oh well, no AI is perfect. It’s a rather fun map to relieve your stress and, dispite the lack of melee, it is tempting to get completely stuck in. The whole scene ends up a littering of grunty corpses. Any Halo player’s dream.

This is a multiplayer map that features AI. Consequently playing it online is completely useless as it will be far too hectic, ghost AI will spawn, client and server will get mixed up and the whole thing will grind to a laggy halt for the client, while the host removes your mushy, half crazed grunty brain with a series of well aimed sniper rounds. It just doesn’t work. Sorry, but that’s the netcode for you. There’s nothing you can do about it, that’s just what happens. So this map is designed to be played alone.

Well that’s my lot; take a look at the screenshots and if you feel so inspired (and I recommend you should feel so inspired) download away and have fun killing grunts all you trial players!


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Download '' (9.92MB)

There are grunts fighting each other.
There are some grunts whitch have more shield power.

Backup your map and put the moded map in the map file of halo trial.

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