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So here we have another mod from ImBrokeAreU for the Halo trial campaign mission. First off, the title. Requires some explanation I think. T...


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So here we have another mod from ImBrokeAreU for the Halo trial campaign mission. First off, the title. Requires some explanation I think. This mod has two component parts; 1) The mod with the Assault rifle acting as the battle rifle (3 round bursts with 36 round capacity) and 2) The mod with the Assault rifle as the halo 3 style (32 round capacity, fully automatic fire). Hence, this mod can be either Halo 2 or 3, depending on which style you would rather, making an average of 2.5! Each part contains 3 ppfs that are applied to sounds, bitmaps and b30. It changes almost every weapon in some way (plasma pistol has been left, but that's about it) and adds a heap of new reticules, skins and the like. Not only that, it completely changes the pistol to an SMG type weapon, the Plasma Rifle to a Carbine, the needler's projectile and reticule to those of a spiker, the Warthog's chaingun to a Gauss cannon. Plus loads of other stuff I haven't mentioned.

So that's all of the info, what about play? How does the mod gel as a whole? Well I think it works well. For the first time, well, ever, I found myself using the needler (admittedly that was because of the damn cool spikes now flying out of the end, but I overlook that minor detail). I found myself sniping with the Assault Rifle on jackles over about 70m. I found the whole experience rather fun. The Carbine was entertaining and I found the pistol conversion was good for a bit, but nothing to the assault rifle and "spiker". The new plasma grenade effect (glow and then explode) was good when in a firefight because you didn't even have to pay attention for grenades any more, you just saw and ran. Oh, and the homing rocket is a real covenant masher in the later stages.

I do think that one of the main problems with this mod is balance, however. Some weapons are incredibly powerful even on low difficulties and about 4 carbine hits on normal will leave you completely shieldless. The spiker is great for destroying hordes of grunts, but turn it around and it just gets to be an irritant. I think in future releases, we need some beta testing regarding balance.

Overall though, a really good mod. I took a few screenshots for you to peruse and see what you think. I highly recommend any trial player to grab a copy of this mod. And, come to that, I think all you full Halo people should download Halo trial to give this a whirl. It really it a fun mod that I heartily enjoyed testing.

Now before I finish, I have one last request. I don't want any of the comments to be along the lines of "This sucks beause I can't install" (as translated into English by Sunray) as happened with the last one. To uninstall, simply read the readme and all will become clear. I just wanted to stress this in the review as there were complaints last time. If you have criticism, make it constructive, people. Now get downloading!


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Download 'halo_2.5_mod_for_halo_trial.zip' (2.91MB)


 As you might have guessed (from the name of this mod), this is a combination 
 of halo 3 stuff and halo 2 stuff (do the math if you don't know why its 2.5)
 The reason for the 2.5 is because not all of the weapon model, sounds, texture
 are exactly like halo 3. Since there's a 3 burst mode for the assault rifle, 
 (and it's from halo 2) it wouldn't be true if I said it is a halo 3 mod (yes
 really... a separated 3 burst, not 3 in 1). As you all hopefully all know, the
 "Assault rifle 3 burst mode) folder contains the 3 shot burst firing assault 
 rifle. The full auto one is the same thing as halo 3 assault rifle. 


1. Extract eather the 3 burst mode or the full auto assault rifle files in the
   .zip into a folder.
2. Run ppf-o-matic.exe inside the ppf o matic folder.
3. Click the floppy disk beside the ISO file text box and browse for your
   halo trial maps folder(inside the halo trial root directory and be sure 
   to change the "File of Type" into "All Files. Select any map and 
   press open.
4. Then click the floppy disk beside the ppf file text box and browse for 
   the corresponding ppf file (ex: b30.ppf applys to b30.map). click apply
   to apply the patch.Do that for the other two map files.
5. If you want to uninstall, do step 2-4 but you must check the "apply undo
   patch data" checkbox and then click the apply button. Enjoy...


 ImBrokeAreU(ME XD): Sounds, models, bitmaps and data editing.
 InvaderVeex, black94: Assault rifle skin and multiperpous.
 MonoxideC: Halo Map Tools (and whoever made the plugins)
 CLuis (and his team): Halo Hacker Tools


 You may do anything to this mod (mod it, put it on other sites, extract the 
 models, sounds and the 3 burst meta file). This is a free mod i made out of 
 my spare time (so don't try to sell it). If you are going to use my models/sounds 
 or anything from this mod, be sure to include proper credit.

EMAIL: xxnoobeexx(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

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