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ImBrokeAreU brings us his third mod for trial; a single player mod that changes the Silent Cartographer level and puts Halo 2 style weapons...


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ImBrokeAreU brings us his third mod for trial; a single player mod that changes the Silent Cartographer level and puts Halo 2 style weapons in. The Battle rifle can be seen in the screenshots. The battle rifle does not fire a burst but a "concentrated" round with 3 rounds in one. It achieves the same thing. The Plasma rifle has also been given a carbine contrail and been altered and a new skybox added. There are also features such as turret-controlable warthogs that have been added to alter gameplay from the normal. Custom reticles come with the map for Battle rifle and Plasma rifle.

I would recommend this to all you trial players out there who want something different from the normal campaign. Enjoy,


We (the Halofiles staff) have had some cause to doubt the legality of the Battle Rifle sound file(s) included with this mod. This has been investigated thoroughly and we do not believe they are rips. However I will leave this message in case further evidence is turned up. ~Shadow Halofiles Site Manager

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Download 'halo_2_mod_for_halo_trial.zip' (2.34MB)



  This idea just came out randomly from my head. I¡¯m not sure if you fellow halo addicts wanted a game with 
  a halo2 twist, but here it is anyways.
  This is a Halo 2 mod for the map Silent Cartographer in Halo Trial version. It didn¡¯t take me a long time 
  (couple of hours I guess). With the help of DANKBUTTER who created the sidewinder halo2 mod, the battle 
  rifle sound and model (model has been changed by me a bit) were right around the corner for me XD.


  Things you¡¯ll need: 
  PPF-O-Matic and a good brain to memorize this

  1.	Unzip the PPF files to a desired folder and open up PPF-O-Matic. (Downloadable from the halo2 file 
        front network)
  2.	Inside PPF-O-Matic, click the little floppy disk beside the ¡°ISO file¡± text box and browse for your 
        halo trial maps folder. (It¡¯s in your halo trial root directory). Find the correct map file.
        (Example given at step 3)
  3.	Then, click the little floppy disk beside the ¡°Patch¡± text box and browse for the corresponding PPF 
        file. (ex: b30.ppf must be applied to b30.map) Do this for bitmaps.map and sounds.map
  4.	Click ¡°Apply¡± and enjoy
  5.	If you want to uninstall this mod, do step 1-3. Click the ¡°Apply Undo-Patch-Data¡± check box and do 
        step 4.


  ImBrokeAreU: Piecing together this mod, maps and bitmaps editing.
  DANKBUTTER: For the battle rifle skin, model, and sound.

  And whoever created the PPF-O-Matic, PPF studio, DXTbmp, and HHT 3.5

  If you have any requests or questions, plz email me at: xxnoobeexx@hotmail.com

Here are the official credits from DANKBUTER and his Sidewinder Halo 2 Mod:


  BeastMan, for his sweet battle rifle model (plus more to come... I hope :)
  NiTrOuSoXiDe2k, for the battle rifle and gauss hog sounds (best I believe you can get off the video)
  The few people that helped me tweak test this mod

  And last but not least, Monoxide, Grenadiac, Iron_Forge, and all the others that made modding possible. 

  If there is something you would like to use in your mod, from this one, please ask permission.
  Any comments, criticism, helpers, or requests... please feel free to message me on www.halomods.com or 

  Email:	billybeer420@hotmail.com

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