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This is version 2 of the popular Halo 2 Trial mod. This time around, we have...


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This is version 2 of the popular Halo 2 Trial mod. This time around, we have vastly improved carbine, a revamped pistol and lots of other goodies. The mod has been done very well considering it is a trial only mod. Hats off to ImBrokeAreU for it. The weapons and vehicles have been modded, giving the hog driver control of the turret, changing the rate of fire of the plasma pistol and many more things besides.

Personally, I thought this mod made gameplay a little easy for normal (as the author reccommends). I found that legendary was the best playtesting difficulty but that is personal preference. The guns were very powerful, especially the carbine. I like what has been done with the carbine model to give it the muzzle of the other weapon and the contrails look good, though I must admit I was surprised by the green explosions issuing from the Gauss hog.

Overall, I would recommend this to any trial player who wants a change in single player. Great fun to play and I like the new weapons


N.B. As was stated in the previous version of this mod, there is some doubt over the origin some of the sounds in this mod. This file is put up with the warning that it could be removed at any time should complaints reach us or new evidence emerge.

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Download 'halo_2_mod_for_trial_v2.zip' (3.42MB)

HALO 2 MOD {Version 2}

 Well, the second (more things added) version of the Halo 2 Mod for Trial
 is here! New sounds, models and weapons are added. The following is a 
 Readme explaining how to install this mod.(REMINDER: this mod is best
 played on the "Normal" difficulty)


1. Extract all the files in the .zip into a folder (Screen Shots folder is
2. Run ppf-o-matic.exe inside the ppf o matic folder.
3. Click the floppy disk beside the ISO file text box and browse for your
   halo trial maps folder(inside the halo trial root directory and be sure 
   to change the "File of Type" into "All Files(.*)"). Select any map and 
   press open.
4. Then click the floppy disk beside the ppf file text box and browse for 
   the corresponding ppf file (ex: b30.ppf applys to b30.map). click apply
   to apply the patch.
5. If you want to uninstall, do step 2-4 but you must check the "apply undo
   patch data" checkbox and then click the apply button. Enjoy...

!ALLMOST EVERY WEAPON AND VEHICLE(other than the dropship gun and needler)


 ImBrokeAreU(ME XD): Sounds, models, bitmaps and data editing.

 MonoxideC: Halo Map Tools (and whoever made the plugins)
 CLuis (and his team): Halo Hacker Tools


 You may do anything to this mod (mod it, put it on other sites, extract the 
 models and sounds). This is a free mod i made out of my spare time (so don't
 try to sell it). If you are going to use my models/sounds or anything from
 this mod, be sure to include proper credit.

 My Email is xxnoobeexx(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

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