Halo 2 Pelican Skin

This is the Halo 2 skin of the pelican dropship.


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This is the Halo 2 skin of the pelican dropship.

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Download 'halo2_pelican_skin.zip' (382KB)

this is a halo 2 pelican for skin halo PC (extract first otherwise it won't run properly)

To install you will need HMT(Halo Map Tools) V3.5.
once you have HMT open any map with a pelican in and open bitmaps drop down menu (see screenshot "bitmaps" if you don't know what that means)
then scroll down it to vehicles\pelican\bitmaps\pelican (see screenshot "pelican bitmaps")
then click inject texture and then open pelican1.dds from the file you downloaded and click yes if it comes up with anything when injecting the texture.

I did not make this skin and i don't take any credit for it because i just found it online on a website
and the red stuff coming from the pelicans is something i did for fun


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