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So a rather good new map here from Jackle. Well it tickles my fancy ;). This map contains tweaked weapons and new textures, similar to those...


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So a rather good new map here from Jackle. Well it tickles my fancy ;). This map contains tweaked weapons and new textures, similar to those seen in the Halo 3 map Valhalla. Oh, and new models. All round sexified really.

So virtually every weapon (with the possible exception of the flamethrower) has been modified either in skin, model or both. Most of the weapons have a new skin (see screenshots) and the shotgun has received a new (and in my opinion better) model. The Plasma rifle looks a lot better with its new skin and position in my opinion and the sniper rifle looks great!

The good ol' gulch itself has recieved a bit of green and weed and now looks luscious. Well, more luscious than before anyway. The cliff walls have also been made a bit more granite gray, with more of a Valhalla type feel.

Remember this is a beta, so it's not perfect. A few texture problems here and there, maybe a little smoothing every so often may not go amiss, but overall, I think it's pretty darn good. Certainly one of the better Halo PC Halo 3 mods I've seen around. I'm looking forward to the full version of this mod when it arrives. Check out the screenies and see if you like it but this certainly gets my seal of approval! Well worth a look.


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Download 'halo3gulch.zip' (4.43MB)

Probably one of the few Halo 3 mods for the PC version, I'll explain it.

The map includes some Halo 3 weapon models, and even YeloSettings for those with Bitterbanana's YeloBattery.

The map has textures to make it look like Valahalla. Those textures were taken from Halo 3. I took pictures of the textures and used those, actually!

All the weapons have been modified to be like there Halo 3 brothers.

With out futher ado, the installation instructions!

What will be needed from here on:

-Basic modding knowledge

To start off, let's actually get the mod in. Open up PPF-O-Matic included in the file.
See the part where it says, "ISO File"? Beside it is a box, and beside that, a floppy disk. Click on that.
Now, find "bloodgulch.map" in your "MAPS" folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\MAPS\bloodgulch.map). It won't appear until you select, "Any file type" in the "File of type" drop down menu.
Now in the box below that, do the same thing except select "halo3gulch.ppf".
Now wait for it to apply, you'll be done! It should all be there!

Now do the exact samething with the bitmaps.map, except apply "halo3gulchtextures.ppf" to the bitmaps.map.


Thanks to:

TAZZ, for the Halo 3 weapon models and skins.
My brother, for letting me use his computer while mine isn't working.
Doom Pig, for any help or support I might have gotten.
Anyone who tested this for me!

This is still a beta stage, and you can expect a full version around Spring.

Enjoy everyone,


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