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If I could sum up the mod in one word, it would be: ‘green’. This is a mod for halo PC where the scenario is that Bloodgulch has been hit by...


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If I could sum up the mod in one word, it would be: ‘green’. This is a mod for halo PC where the scenario is that Bloodgulch has been hit by a nuke. CartoMod have re-skinned the whole Bloodgulch level, ground, canyon walls and included a good looking new skybox to. The level features “docking platforms” at each base and these are platforms accessible from ground level that are about half way up the cliff walls. The ground has been made a fluorescent shade of green with the grass texture still showing, while the walls have been made darker green with contrasting white and black areas. There is also a particularly nice looking new skin on the biped that I like.

There have been weapon changes as well, with various weapons being tweaked, reticules changed and firing types being altered. My favourite is the green plasma grenade, but there are plenty of other alterations such as bullet drop on some weapons (sniper included, a great change in my opinion) and an interesting fire type for the rocket launcher. You’ll have to see all the different changes if you play it.

However there are some issues that could be sorted out for the final thing. For instance there are areas that are too dark on the canyon floor, at the extreme ends of the map that are just black. Also, the floor could have extra bits added to introduce some variation into the ground and the canyon walls could also do with less contrast and perhaps some other small details to add interest.

Overall, a good mod with fun changes, but still needing a little bit of improvement on the BSP skinning. I’m looking forward to seeing the final map pack guys.


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Download 'halo_catastrophe_mp_beta.zip' (5.36MB)

	"Halo Catastrophe Beta"
This is a sample of my up-coming map pack, Halo Catastrophe. The idea is mine, but all the people at CartoMod (my modding organization) are working on it as you read this. Until the final is released, of course. Anyways......

Legal: If you're going to alter this in any way, you must contact me first. I don't mind if you put it on CD or e-mail it, but you must send this readme as well!

Blood Gulch- Sky Docks above each base, has a starry sky,  modded weapons, and now the Gulch looks like it's been hit by a nuke.

Installation: Back up your original bloodgulch.map file. Then extract this file, and place it in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo/MAPS.
NOTE: This is the 'usual' location. C: is your hard drive.

Credit goes to: Everyone at CartoMod.

	Happy Mapping, Modding, and Gaming

	Contact me: cartomod @ hotmail . com

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