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This is an app used for Halo CE (not Halo PC, but CE). It is a camera application that allows the user to create camera-tracks and play them while in devmode. It can be used by people wanting to show off maps in previews, record machimania scenes, or for whatever reason, and is easy to use. This is a beta version with some content not fully implemented, so expect great things from the full version. An example video displaying the kind of thing this application does can be found below (Credit to Patrickssj6) : Example video

To create a camera position, you need to open Halo CE in devmode. You then need to open a map and use the command "debug_camera_save" and "debug_camera_load". While holding the middle mouse button you can use the WASD to move the camera. Then, when you find a position you like, simply click "add camera point" in the application. Do this a number of times and then click start camera movement and the Camflyer does its stuff! Great little app here. I am greatly anticipating the full version. Great work from Patrickssj6, Limited and Bitterbanana.




Halo CE FlyCam by Patrickssj6

This is a BETA so not all features are unlocked…
But it should be enough for some nice map previews, maps etc.

Additional Credit:

--Bitterbanana --


UnRar…Launch HaloCE..Launch the Application


Don’t forget to read the about section on the app ;)

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