Halo CE hotfix 1.07



Ok, the new halo CE patch here. This fixed a bug if a hacker attacks your system and sends an invalid data error to the server.

Kudos to Gearbox for getting this patch to the community ever though the game was relesed 18 months ago.



Halo Custom Edition Hot-Fix v1.07: HaloCE Hot-Fix v1.07: The HaloCE for Windows v1.07 Hotfix addresses a rare hang that could occur if a malicious individual (hacker) purposely imitates a game client and sends invalid data to a server. This hot-fix changes the version number of HaloCE for Windows and the HaloCE for Windows Dedicated Server to v1.07 from v1.0.

Instructions for installing the Hox Fix:

1) Save the Hot Fix File to a folder on your PC. Remember to "save" this file, don't try to "open" it directly from the Web site.

2) After saving the file to the proper location, double-click the exe to install.

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