Halo: Custom Edition v1.0.10 Dedicated Server



The official dedicated server files for Halo: Custom Edition adapted to the official post-GameSpy v1.0.10 patch.



Bungie is pleased to present a new update to Halo PC (and Custom Edition). The patches and dedicated servers are linked below. In a couple days once more servers have come online, the auto-update notice will be displayed in game.

As you might have heard, the Gamespy service that has provided our server list these 11 years is shutting down at the end of the month, and prior versions of the game will no longer be able to browse for internet multiplayer games. Community member btcc22 has valiantly written a new server-browser application for Bungie to host and support in-game via this patch.

This update also contains a number of other small bugfixes, mostly relating to security or compatibility with newer hardware. Big thanks to community members Technut and kornman00, and btcc22 again, for helping to catalog and investigate these problems, making the job of fixing them much easier, and to the community who has helped test the patches.

Bungie believes in creating lasting social experiences, and while we're all enormously excited for the upcoming release of Destiny and hope you'll join us for that ride, we're also gratified by the ongoing enthusiasm for the original Halo, and glad to be able to help keep a good thing going.

Roger Wolfson

Online Services Engineering Lead

Patch notes:
*Bumped version to
*Moved Gamespy services to use new non-Gamespy server
*Fixed a family of index-out-of-bounds bugs which had been exploited to crash clients
*Made banlist parsing not case-sensitive
*Removed halt on cache file verify error
*Removed some verbose debug logging of gamespy connections
*Fixed handling of video cards with >= 2GB of memory
*Enabled refractive Active Camo on Nvidia cards, which had previously used an alpha fade. (AMD cards already have this)
*Updated 2003-era upper bound on the video resolution picker. Use at your own risk; the game is untested at 4800x3600.
*Updated chatbox settings to work with newer resolutions
*Models node limit updated to 63
*Fixed reading sv_ban_penalty from init.txt
*Disabled executable_is_valid checksum from strings.dll
*Allowed network access in devmode
*Fixed parsing of custom map names containing a "."

Edit: The CD Key database is now online too, to assist people in creating meaningful banlists for their dedicated servers.

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