Halo Windows Text Fots



These are text fonts for Windows, They work fine for Windows ME, 2k and XP. I dont have anything older than that so I cannot say whether they will work or not (blame MS for cutting off support for 98se and back)



*                           HALO FONT                              *
*          In homage of Xbox's Halo created by Bungie              *
*                                                                  *
*                    Created by Will Turnbow                       *
*                    [email protected]                      *
Update: The "2" now matches the Halo 2 logo. :)

Hello there.  This is my first font creation so if I've violated
every font rule in the book, excuse me.  I made it because I
couldn't find a Halo font anywhere on internet.  Really all I wanted
to do was to put my name in the logo for fun and ended up making an
entire font.  There are two versions, a solid and an outlined.  The
outlined version was made to make it easier to create the filleted
effect of the original logo.  All letters and standard punctuation
are there along with many others.  I also added some alternate
versions of some since I had already drawn them.  Two other extras
are also there, the shield from Halo and a 4 piece Halo logo(see

Obviously the font is free.  Please do whatever you want with it.
If you like it or find a problem with it drop me a line.  If you
would like something added please ask as I only created what I would
normally use.

Characters: 	A-Z
		Common Puncutation
		Bullet - Alt249
		Ellipsis - Alt0133
		QuoteL - Alt0145
		QuoteR - Alt0146
		QuoteDBLL - Alt0147
		QuoteDBLR - Alt0148
		Enddash - Alt0150
		Emdash - Alt0151
		Trademark - Alt0153
		Cent - Alt0162
		BrokenBar - Alt0166
		Copyright - Alt0169
		Minus - Alt0173
		Registered - Alt0174
		Degree - Alt0176
		Plusminus - Alt0177
		Twosuper - Alt0178
		Threesuper - Alt0179
		Acute - Alt0180
		Periodcenter - Alt0183
		Cedilla - Alt0184
		Onesuper - Alt0185
		Onequater - Alt0188
		Onehalf - Alt0189
		Threequarter - Alt0190
		Multiply - Alt0215
		Divide - Alt0247

		Alternate 5 - Alt0220
		Alternate & - Alt0221
		Alternate Divide - Alt0222
		Alternate Excla - Alt0223
		Alternate BracketL - Alt0224
		Alternate BracketR - Alt0225
		Alternate Percent - Alt0226
		Alternate Question - Alt0227
		Alternate R - Alt0228
		Alternate R2 - Alt0229
		Alternate Degree - Alt0230

Halo Specific Extras:
		Halo Plate - Alt0231
		Halo Logo - Alt0232, Alt0233, Alt0234 and Alt0235

		I have created 4 pieces that can be arranged together
to create (generically) the Halo Logo background.  They are set as
Alt0232, Alt0233, Alt0234 and Alt0235.  They should be placed from
0232 to 0235 back to front (black, dark gray, light gray, medium gray).
However you should have some type of editing program to create the
desired effect.

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