This file adds new Warthogs to the Bloodgulch map. Seems to be fun, so try it out :)


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This file adds new Warthogs to the Bloodgulch map. Seems to be fun, so try it out :)

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Download 'hogwars.zip' (683KB)

For HaloPC.Retail:BloodGulch  By: Iron_Forge
                                    & ZexGX

Whats New
 ~ MC Run ~
  Tired of wandering around on all fours, 
  MC decided to live life in the fast lane.
  Instead of ducking when the 'duck key' is
  pressed, MC will now stand up tall and run
  circles around his peers.
 ~ Civvie ~
  The Civilian Warthog has been developed 
  as a non-military vehicle with long
  travel on highways in mind. As such it 
  moves considerably faster, and was never 
  intended for offroading (but since when 
  does that stop us?) It does tend to land 
  on its wheels. For public safety, the 
  turret has been removed, with a handy 
  storage cooler added in its place, just
  right for a picnic.
 ~ Grenade Warthog ~
  The Humans have discovered the secrets 
  held within the plasma grenades, and have
  modified a turret to fire a modified 
  version, from a mew steel diamond plated 
  warthog no less.
 ~ Covenant Warthog ~
  Not to be outdone, the covenant have taken
  one of the human craft, and converted it 
  to their liking, complete with a wraith 
  mortar turret.
 ~ Back Seat Driver ~
  All vehicles are now drivable from the 
  passenger seat. This lets you get a whole
  new perspective on driving, not to mention
  leaves your hands free for weapon use.

 ~ Open bloodgulch.map, and batch extract the
  meta with HMTv3. 
 ~ UnRar the patch rar over the extracted 
  meta, replacing the files.
 ~ Rebuild the map.
 ~ Apply bitmaps.patch.ppf to bitmaps.map.
 ~ Enjoy!
 ~ See detailed installation below if 

 ~ ZexGX was back on board with me every 
  step of the way with this mod, much like
  Banshee Wars. I still stare in awe at his
  amazing texture abilities. From ideas to
  playtesting, I hope any future mods will 
  continue to be a joint effort.
 ~ Monoxide has been a great help with 
  everything. He is an incredible asset to 
  the community, and HMT has made mods like 
  this to the point where anyone can do them
  with a minimal understanding of the map
  format and meta.
 ~ Grenadiac is also a great source of 
  inspiration with SparkEdit. Tools like 
  these require desire and dedication to 
  produce, and help make everyones life 
  alittle easier.
 ~ Dmauro who remains a friend, will always
  be the king of modding. He deserves 
  everyones respect and admiration. No mod
  I ever make will lack roots from his work.

Detailed Installation
 ~ Place bloodgulch.map in its own folder,
  and open it in HMT from this folder.
  You may wish to disable plugins under 
  options to avoid getting errors about
  bitmaps.map. These errors are of no
  concern at this point because we do not 
  need to work with bitmaps.
 ~ Select Tools, Batch Extract. Click the
  browse button, to select the folder that
  you placed bloodgulch.map in, check the
  'Extract Metadata' checkbox, and click 
  start batch extraction.
 ~ Open the rar file, and extract to the
  same folder. If you have already 
  extracted the rar elsewhere, you can 
  simply cut and paste all the folders from
  the rar into the new folder you created.
  If asked, yes you wish to replace all files
  which have the same name.
 ~ Back in HMT, select Tools, Rebuild Map.
  Click the browse button beside the 'original
  map' textbox, and select the bloodgulch.map
  file in the folder you created. Select the 
  build button.
 ~ Once complete, there should now be a 
  bloodgulch.map.rebuild.map in the folder 
  you created. Copy this to your HaloPC\MAPS\
  folder, and rename it to bloodgulch.map 
  (You must rename the original bloodgulch.map
  to bloodgulch.bak first if you have not 
 ~ Also in the rar, was a bitmaps.patch.ppf.
  Use PPF-O-Matic to apply this to your 
  bitmaps.map folder.
 ~ Enjoy!

~ (forgie@canada.com)

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