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Since Halo 2 Vista will be coming soon, most CE mappers/modders are jumping ship, but not before they leave the CE community some goodies. D...


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Since Halo 2 Vista will be coming soon, most CE mappers/modders are jumping ship, but not before they leave the CE community some goodies. DocOctavius is one of the more recent CE modders to switch, and he's left us with a truely amazing map.

Now Imagine: Two islands, hugeass-size apart (give or take a blood gulch), with a giant forerunner structure inbetween. You have access to what amounts to a jetski with a chaingun and a James Bond jetpack along with everything else in a classic Halo CE map. The map is extremely fun to play on, though its more enjoyable with the more people you have.

The map's a definite download, if not just to fly around in the jetpack - the things just way too much fun XD

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Download 'hydrolysis.rar' (12.36MB)


                                      for Halo Custom Edition

modeling: Sean Casey, Bryn Casey
concept: Sean Casey, benjiphil08, Lloyd1337, Bryn Casey
vehicle design/tagging: Sean Casey aka DocOctavius 


A mysterious forerunner structure surrounded by 2 large islands,
believed to be one of many power plants for the systems of Halo 004.  

Hydrolysis for Halo Custom Edition features 2 new vehicles: the "Shark" 2-man boat,
with integrated machine gun mounted in front, and
the "Beetle" 1-man jet transport vehicle.

Started in the middle of 2006, temporarily abandoned for about 5 months and obsessed 
over all winter to be finished in March 2007.
This will undoubtedly be my last Halo CE map, with Halo 2 Vista dropping mere weeks from now- I'd like 
to take this space to thank everybody in the Custom Edition scene, starting with Gearbox for sticking 
it out and making it workable, even with all the haters and flamers- thanks to Bungie of course, thanks 
to Kornman and Monoxide and Iron Forge and all the reverse engineers who made stuff possible, and 
quicker...  thanks to Lightning and Neuro and Killa and everyone who helped me get past the various 
roadblocks in my projects- thanks to everyone who ever played in a game with me and wasn't a f---head... 

Thanks to Dennis for the map name suggestion, thanks to CtrlAltDestroy for the H3 backpack mod & help 
(even though this version does not include the backpack mod- I wanted to leave it classic-ish), 
everyone at forums.yayap.com especially ben for the initial idea and Lloyd for typing "gears", 
everybody at gearbox forums- you guys are the smarterest, and of course the playtesters:

Capt Lag
Wave of Lag
Kornman (even though we didn't get to play)
(once again, if I forgot you, I'm sorry- I have the worst memory ever)

-and thanks to my brothers Colin, Bryn, and Darrick.  You guys are pimps.

See you guys in Halo 2 vista...

[email protected]

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