Ifafudafi's Assault Rifle

Here's something we don't get very often at Halofiles, a new weapon skin.

Ifafudafi has darken the AR's textures and added a shine to the...


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Here's something we don't get very often at Halofiles, a new weapon skin.

Ifafudafi has darken the AR's textures and added a shine to the gun (except for the grip area's). The ammo/compass display has been made lighter and the numbers made sea green. There is also a second skin to make the AR look 'corroded'.

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Download 'ifafudafi_assault_rifle.zip' (4.12MB)

Ifafudafi's Assault Rifle Retexture
Official Readme-type-thing
Created by Mr. Ifafudafi
Requires HMT


 0. Contents
 1. Description
 2. Installation/Uninstallation
 3. Contact info
 4. Legal stuff
 5. Credits


No fancy intros here. The assault rifle's been darkened a bit, and it's got some shine now, instead of having a completely unreflective surface. This now only applies to the grip.  Also, the readout has been changed to have a slightly lighter blue background, but the labels are now a sea-green color.

Included in seperate files are:
-Base texture (plain)
-Base texture multipurpose map (plain)
-Base texture (corroded)
-Base texture multipurpose map (corroded)
-Modified readout (background & ammo symbol)
-Modified readout (numbers)
-Working multipurpose map metadata file

The compass wouldn't convert right, so I don't have that in yet.  Also, you can see I made two seperate versions.  The corroded one is shown in the screens, and this makes use of the multipurpose map to keep shine away from some "damaged" areas of the assault rifle.  Consider them plasma burns.  The plain one still has the shine, but without any of the extra corrosion additions.

Be warned that this will kind of screw with the sniper rifle texture.  I'm working on fixing that, though.


Before you inject any textures, make sure to save your old ones in case something goes wrong.

Before you start, you're going to need HMT (Halo Map Tools).  Anyway, open up HMT and select the map you wish to insert the retexture into. Locate the "[bitm] Bitmap" section in the "Resource Browser" section, and pull down that menu.  Scroll down the list until you find "weapons/assault rifle/fp/bitmaps/<blah blah blah>".
First off, click on "weapons/assault rifle/fp/bitmaps/assault rifle_fp", and you should see a picture of the texture on the right.  Click on the "Inject Texture" button next to the preview, and select your base texture (corroded or not.)  Next, if you want the modified readout, inject those textures into "weapons/assault rifle/fp/bitmaps/display_fp" and "weapons/assault rifle/fp/bitmaps/numbers_plate".  For the numbers, you'll need to select every item from the list above the preview and insert the corresponding texture.
Now for the shine.  Click on "weapons/assault rifle/fp/bitmaps/assault rifle multipurpose", and click on the "Inject Meta" button above the tag list.  Now select your "assault rifle multipurpose.meta" file.  You'll get a large text box with "Yes", "No", and "Cancel."  Click "Yes", as clicking "No" would mess with the mipmaps, which will make the texture work oddly.  By default, this will end up injecting the plain multipurpose map; if you want the corroded one, inject that texture into this tag.
If you want to get rid of the textures, simply replace them with the ones you backed up.

You'll only need to do the texture injections once, but the meta injections need to be done with each individual map.  Hey, that's the way Halo's .map files work.


If you've got questions, complaints, or other comments about this mod, feel free to e-mail me at phazonflakesAThotmailDOTcom.  Of course, make sure to replace the AT and DOT with the proper symbols. (@ and .)


Just don't go off and claim the stuff I've done as yours, and if you want it in a mod or skin pack of yours, e-mail me asking permission.  Don't worry though, I'll probably give it to you; I just don't like it when people use my stuff without even asking.


Thanks to HaloFiles for hosting, and, of course, thanks to you for

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