A perilous training facility designed to test the ability of a soldier to avoid, take cover and destroy.

This map is an all out Free for...


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A perilous training facility designed to test the ability of a soldier to avoid, take cover and destroy.

This map is an all out Free for All map! invite lots of people for the best hell raised experience!

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Title: IG-WYS_Beta
Release Date: 02-02-2008
Author: Dhark / IGM.Atlan
Email Address: n/a
Web Page: http://www.intergalactic-morons.fumbari.com/
Description: A perilous training facility designed to test the ability of a soldier to avoid, take cover and destroy

This map could possibly be one of the most horrific maps to play on, but just because you'll kill yourself alot doesn't mean that it won't be fun :D
This is a flat map, littered with barricades for you to hide behind. Watch your sides, for enemies!
Also as the map name states, always watch where you are walking, this map is also practically a swiss cheese with holes designed to test just how good you are at avoiding to fall down a dark, dingy pit; followed by being impaled by some very sharp, pointy objects at the bottom of the pit.
Every weapon on this map has been changed to suit the fast paced action of WYS. But before I start explaining the weapons, first the most important detail to WYS:

The frag grenades are no longer a throw and forget explosive, but a new variety of defensive grenade.

The frag grenade is now an 'escape grenade' designed to throw you into the air to evade a typical explosion or can be used to stop you from falling to your death down the pit.
Beware though as these escape grenades do hurt you every time used, as well as there is a grenade limit -- use them wisely. Also sometimes the esc nades dont sync up 100%, if in doubt just use another esc nade to help you gain more height. (you'll understand what I mean soon enough...)

Plasma grenades however, have not been altered and can sometimes be a bit tricky to use in this map.
If the grenade counter on your HUD does not display, it means the current weapon you are holding has a secondary trigger and you will not be able to use grenades, it is advised you hold 1 weapon that has the ability to throw grenades. e.g. Pistol

AR-B: The standard and most versatile weapon of WYS, this weapon is YOUR FRIEND! DON'T DITCH IT!
It contains 2 firing triggers, primary is a reasonably accurate and fast firing which is mortal at close range; secondary is the long range companion to the primary fire, with a reasonable rate of fire makes this a good option for medium / long range / barricade sniping. Also The AR-B has a custom flashlight AND a custom zoom mask with custom targetting reticles. 

Needler: Possibly the most or 2nd most fearsome standard weapons in existance. The 'Stabby Thing' Is notorious for a fast rate of fire, fires multiple, fast tracking javalin projectile type needles. Although the javalins are still relatively easy to dodge, the WYS terrain makes it more difficult and thus, makes it deadly. To accompany this weapon, the stabby thing also has an extremely powerful melee, and will instantly kill all but those who have most of the Over Shield.

Plasma Rifle: The plasma spewer as I call it is one of the best anti shield weapons / support weapons around, but just the same a few well placed rounds will kill anyone.

Plasma Pistol: Although technically a complicated weapon to use, if mastered can be a multi purpose weapon with its burst fire or rapid charged projectile fire.

Shotgun: BEWARE! This weapon will most likely be subject to 'whoring'. If the shotgun was not bad enough, the Primary fire is now more accurate and now has a secondary fire, however the secondary fire cannot be used unless right after firing the primary trigger, basically it is a double shot function and can be fairly dangerous. However ammo is scarce for this weapon

Rocket Launcher: Now the Mortar Launcher, this is the mother of all anti barricade weaponry, the standard rocket fire has not been altered due to its already powerful effectiveness, but its secondary is a mortar artillerary with an immensely large explosion capable of eraticating multiple people, in 1 shot.  However ammo is even more scarce for this weapon than the shotgun. 

If you are fortunate enough to find this gun:
Prismatic Cannon: THE most powerful, unmorale, cynical and sadistical weapon around for the Beta. The Pris cannon basically is like the rocket launcher's mortar function, only it fires straight, and hits the target almost instantly. Your chances of surviving a Pris Cannon attack is...minimal

And finally, the 'bad news'

Sniper Rifle: Nothing special with this weapon, this gun no longer produces headshots in the attempt to help normal players counter aimbots and to counter in my opinion, its overpower its rate of fire has also been slowed down. Mind you its night vision will prove rather useful in this map.

Pistol: Nothing special with the pistol either, this gun has been nerfed to help it NOT be abused, instead of 25 damage per bullet, the pistol not does 15 damage per shot, that means it will take 10 shots to kill someone. Also the pistol no longer does headshots, now you may be thinking 'OMG thats wrong dude!' It is not, the pistol even when weakened is more than competent in long range assault, its certainly more accurate than the AR-B's secondary fire. Do not underestimate it...

I know many of you will disapprove the nerfage of the sniper and pistol, but it is for the best to help gameplay and against botters. 

Also remember this is still beta, there will be alot of extra content to come, but before I conclude, I will mention there are 2 symmetrical secret rooms somewhere... and a special one as well :D But the special one won't have anything in it, until the final.
This map works with ALL gametypes and will all keep you busy.
My recommendation is that 8+ players will make for a hazardous, painful and very messy yet an exciting fire fight.
As a warning: CTF may be rather quick with only a handful of players

I'd like to thank my co-worker / servant: the Server
Without his constant assistance and knowledge of the inner workings of the game, this map would not be as fantastic as it is; regardless that its still in beta

More Info: 
Modeled by: Dhark
Scripting: Bitidork
Textured by: Dhark
Populated by: Bitidork

Visit us and talk to us! It may be worth your while! :D

Copyright / Permissions:
Not sure if I need this stuff, so Ima just paste it in and see what happens xP

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Halo (c) Bungie / Microsoft all rights reserved
Halo CE (c) Gearbox Software, 101 East Park Blvd #1069, Plano, TX 75074.
All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

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