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Immure2 is a complete remake of the original immure. It seems to be completely retextured and revamped for a complete new immure experience....


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Immure2 is a complete remake of the original immure. It seems to be completely retextured and revamped for a complete new immure experience. Unlike the 1st immure, this immure does NOT have the Wasp in it, which most people believed was to "noobable" and ruined gameplay. In its place, the flamehog has been introduced. It is like a normal hog, only with a giant flamethrower on the back. A definite download for all immure v1 players.


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Download 'immure2.rar' (8.69MB)

Flamehog credits!


Special Thanks to Tweek for being 1337 me when im being a f00. 

This is from what Phil wrote about Immure2 on 

[] -----------------------------------------------------
Immure is back for more action with the second version coming this Friday, November 24th 2006.
NeuroKoNeza has re-worked Mothergoat's original concept seen in the first version of Immure. 
While the skins have been completely re-done, you will find little differences between the original and edited model.
However, you will notice around the level there is now a large gap with mountains along the outer edge.
Now when you manage to jump off the edge, you will no longer be taking a swim in the water below, 
but rather following a large distance to the bottom of the gap, ending with a big splat and of course, your death.

You will still enjoy most of the same gameplay as before. 
One major thing that might make people very angry or very happy is the loss of the WASP vehicle, 
which was a small, one person human motorcycle-type vehicle, which could hovered very high off the ground. 
People had many complaints about this being 'whored' in the first version of Immure, so this was removed and a 
new vehicle took it's place.

The new vehicle is a modified Warthog, equipped with a flamethrower turret on the back, 
so you can burn your enemies to a crisp while cruising around. You may think, "What if I drive into my own flames?"
Well, nothing really. During my test, I was rarely scorched by own flames. 
This was usually due to NeuroKoNeza being a crappy driver, or something of the sort. Other than that,
you can have fun playing with your flamethrower, without worrying about killing yourself.

I did mention before the new skins. Unfortunately, it does come with a slight sacrifice of some frame rate loss.
It's nothing big, really.
Running an nVidia if you're a hardcore gamer who doesn't care for all the pretties and just want your frames back,
you might consider turning off decals, particles, or something of the sort.

To wrap things up, Immure 2 is a great map definitely worth a download. It combines great gameplay 
with excellent skins that will make your jaw drop. Have fun playing it this Friday!

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