J4ck's Blood Overhaul

Well, you can guess.

Impact decals, blood splat decals, as well as some burst decals.

Bye, guys!



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Well, you can guess.

Impact decals, blood splat decals, as well as some burst decals.

Bye, guys!


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Hey there. Surprised you're actually reading this. Sorry it took me so long to get around to making these.

To install these mods, we'll start off with the blood splats. Open up HMT, or whatever program you're using, and drop down the Bitmaps [BMP] tab. Scroll down until you run accross, "effectsdecalsblood splatsbitmapsblood splat". There, inject the skins into the appropriate slots.

For the bloods splat, scrool down until you find, "effectsparticlessolidbitmapsblood burst". Inject it here.

For the impact blood, find, "effectsparticlessolidbitmapsblood _____ impact burst". Inject here.

Let me make this clear.

You MAY use this in your mods without permission from me, but under no circumstances is it to EVER be used in Halo CE, at the current time. These are actually the blood textures for HEMT, except lower-res to suit Halo PC. 

Again, no CE for now, period.

I would just like to thank the person who created the brushes I used to make all of these; Keren.

The focus of this mod is to get rid of the epic phail textures that are Bungie's blood textures. They're truly horrible. No offense, guys. Now, no one say they look exactly the same, as someone did in my "Blood Texture Enhancement", as you have absolutely no proof. They are no where near the same. They're more realistic, darker, and have a more realistic shade to them. Now, before you say, "0h 73h n035, the elite blood is sppsed to be teh prple!", please play Halo 3. They changed the blood ever so slightly to a blueish-purple.

I'd just like to thank the people at Halo Files for supporting my mods, even though they were terrible up until now. Orange Stinger wasn't even that good. I'll still be hanging around Halo Files, so you'll still hear from me. And if you're lucky, by the end of the year see a map titled, "Forsaken".

Au revoir! (Goodbye in francais)

		By the way, I'm feeling nice this summer, giving people money and such. I'm willing to make some sounds and textures for people if they 		really need it. 2 textures max, 1 sounds max. I can also make ambient background music if you really need it.


J4ck (Jack) - Lead texturer, lead SFX, concepts
Doompig444 - All-around leetness.
Zoxin0 - Concepts
CartoBot (Ruan) - All-around leetness.
Maarten - Second Modeler, Lead Animator
Iron Joe - Leet-ass modeler

We're in need of someone for UVW, simply email me if you're interested.

Also, I'd also like to mention what's happened to Carto. No he's not dead. A bit back, he got into a car accident, and badly damaged his arm. Just recently, he under went a sugerery; an amuptation. He's now missing one of his arms, and has a prosthetic instead.

You must feel sorry for him. We're lucky he's in HEMT. Without him, we would be lost. Go Ruan!

You can contact me at jackle12001@gmail.com. (jackle12001 at gmail dot com)
My Xfire is jackle123, though I'm not on too often.
My MSN is jackle12001@gmail.com. (jackle12001 at gmail dot com)


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