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First off I must apologize for the delay in adding this file. I reviewed last week, but for some odd reason I thought I'd added it to the si...


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First off I must apologize for the delay in adding this file. I reviewed last week, but for some odd reason I thought I'd added it to the site.

Jackle once again brings us an excellent mod of a rarely modded map, Death Island. Once again the weapons are a little unbalanced for my tastes, but this seems to work quite well in the large environment provided by Death Island.

What this Mod does is it adds a few tweaks to your map. For example, Plasma Rifles shoot rockets and the Banshees shoot tank shells. Frag Grenades are tank shells and Plasma Grenades are Rockets! You can actually walk up walls and you take no damage from falling. There are many more mods but you’ll have to find them. To use this mod to its full extent… go to Multiplayer and click edit games types. Once there, click on CTF. Go to player options and set health to 200%. Now go to Team options and turn off friendly fire. Once done, go to Vehicle options and click the arrows until custom (Remember both bases) and set all the vehicle slots to 4. Now it should be more fun. Toggle around with any other options and don’t forget unlimited grenades in the Weapons Options. This works exactly like Death Island except for the mods.

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Download 'jackles_modded_island.zip' (5.99MB)

What this mod does is it adds a few tweaks/changes to your map. For example, you can fire any Warthog turret from the driver's seat. The shotgun has scope and sniper rifle ammo go BOOM! Also Warthogs and Ghosts go incredibly fast. Again, every weapon on the map homes. Also you can walk on walls and take no damage from falls. Sadly the grenades have not been replaced with anything else. If you would like to use the mod to it's full potential, put on 200% health, unlimited grenades, friendly fire off, and all vehicles spawning on both bases.

To install, click on the mirror of your choice, it will give you the option save or open, press save and now you should be in My Computer, now got to Local Disk (C:\) and choose program files, then Microsoft games, now it's extremely obvious, click on Halo CE or normal Halo. When in either of these files, open up maps and here, save the file. Once this is finished go back to C > Program Files > Microsoft Games > Halo or Halo CE > MAPS; the folder should be in here. Before doing anything, copy and paste the original Deathisland.map into a safe area where you can retrieve it if wanted. Now, go back into maps and open up the file you saved in there, it should be labeled jackles_modded_island. In the ZIP folder should be a .map file, 3 .jpg files, and 1 .html file. Right click on the .map file and paste it into the maps folder in Halo or Halo CE. It will ask you if you want to replace your old file with this new file, select yes and voila! Start up Halo and you'll be using me mod.  

Please do not make any special servers using this mod with out my permission and making a dedicated server will not be acceptable with out permission. You may make modification to all of my mods. Do not sell any copies of this mod nor burn it to a disk. You may email me to burn it if you have a friend whom can't get the file but the disk must be sent to him only. The file must then be deleted from the disk.

I hope you enjoy this mod and by using this you are agreeing with my terms of use.


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