Jungle Marines

From the author of the Urban Marine skins we have a new look for the...


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From the author of the Urban Marine skins we have a new look for the marine;

This is a set of skins that will give the marines a jungle camouflage that looks cooler than the stock skins.

The screenshots tell all really. While again, quite blurred, the jungle cam is quite decent and looks good (especially in timberland). I prefer the cloths only skin to the armored skin, but that's personal preferance. As the author said in the readme, if you do inject these textures remember to back up any skins you replace in case you want to put them back later. So screenshots are below; you know what to do.


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Download 'jungle_marines.zip' (656KB)

Jungle Marines for Halo PC

Gives the marines a green jungle camoflage that replaces their stock grey uniforms that came with the game.

Installation:Inject the .dds files accordingly into the appropriate places using HMT v3.5 REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!

Licence: you can use these skins for anything as long as you give credit to papercliporama.

Thanks to: Bungie and Microsoft for making a kickass game.

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