Leathality Canyon

A Danger Canyon varient with Flood and Covenant AI bots

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File Description

A Danger Canyon varient with Flood and Covenant AI bots

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This is a massive AI battle mod, set in the original Danger Canyon map. You and your marines are camped in the middle of the map, along with an Armoury, and some mounted turrets. From red base, Flood will charge you blindly, racing through the combined fire of a Semi-automatic Sniper (SAS), two LAAG turrets and a rocket turret. From Blue base, a large variety of Covenant will atempt to destroy your defences. In the middle of the base there's a slightly messy, but useful none-the-less armoury.

Gearbox for the BSP.
TheGhost for his awesome turrets. :)
Customedition.org for the SMG. Sadly I forgot the original author... :(
Tiamat for the firing sound for my SAS sniper rifle.
And HaloPCE.com for lots of help with this and that. =)

Feel free to extract anything you want from here with HEK+, preferably followed with a little PM to Diablo65 at the Halomods files forums or HaloPCE.com forums.

Hope you enjoy.


Here's the original post from the forums:


This is my first public release mod. Be nice. Doesnt mean it has to be a bad one. Please, do try it.

Download: [Removed. You have the mod already.] 


You and a group of Marines have to defend your base in the middle of a grassy canyon. Problem is, neither the flood nor the Covenant like you.

This is a makeover of Gearbox's Danger Canyon multiplayer map. It's loaded with AI, both HEK-extracted from Campain and home-made. You and the Marines hold the middle base, while Flood and Covenant charge from the blue and red bases. At your disposal there's chaingun and rocket turrets, a small (but messed up) armoury, and a few warthogs. Marines spawn inside the "base" in the middle and move to the peremiters. No in-place spawning in this mod.

Same goes for the enemies. They spawn in their bases, and charge at you. Note however that both of the enemies have some measure of defence. Dont you think you can just storm them and start spawnkilling that easily.

New to the map is:

- My Semi-Auto Sniper rifle (SAS). 20-clip Sniper rifle with a decent rate of fire, at the cost of power. Suprisingly balanced, do try it out.

- the "red" plasma rifle. Basically a Brute plasma rifle copy, it's bolts are a little bit stronger at the expense of battery and swifter overheating. No re-skin, but watch for the distinct red glow at the "barrel".

- The chaingun needler. Spews out lots of non-homing needles. Still super-detonates if you stick enough to somebody, but this one actually requires aim to kill :P

- an SMG. From Customedition.org. You should know how these work.

- TheGhost's turrets.

- a warthog that has sniper contrails for its turret. I prefer them over the standard ones, this was the result. Still same bullets though.

---Known Issues---

- Slight lag at some times due to lots of AI. rapid blood cleaning. Sound may partially disappear.

- Since they cant follow Command lists and use their brains at the same time, the opposing forces will simply storm your base, not stopping to kill you off if they pass you. Beware though, should you meet a small swarm of the Covenant, you WILL die unless you seek cover. Especially the Elite Majors and Grunt Commanders pack a punch.

and finally, prehaps the greatest issue...
- Getting overwhelmed by the Grunt Commanders :P


Theghost - For his Rocket and LAAG warthog ground turrets. Great for defending bases with AI :)
Customedition.org - the SMG. Original autor forgotten, Sorry about that... :(
Tiamat - Firing effect (sound) for the Semi-Auto sniper rifle.

Thanks to HaloPC.net (HaloPCE.com) for lots of help with several issues.

I think that's it... If you find something that belongs to you in this mod, send me a PM and growl on me a bit.

---Get to know your new opponents---

Appart from lots of the Campain AI, there's also some new meat:

The Grunt commanders. Clad in Yellow, and a bit smarter than Elite Commanders, these guys wont go down from less than 2 rockets. (Or a headshot.. ^^)

Stealth Jackals. We all hate them with their anoying sheilds... Now they're invisible, while donning their shield and a needler. Take these down before they start killing off your allies, as they cant see them very well...

Rampage Floods. Roaming the former Marine Command Center, located in the center room on the second "floor" of the canyon, these firespewing flood will torch you for a good 6-7 seconds before they concider stopping.

And of course the colourful grunts, weilding Plasma Pistols, Plasma Rifles or Red Plasma Rifles depending on their armour colour. They're slightly better than Grunt Majors.

That's all for now. Please leave me some feedback on how to improve my mods. Cheers.

And here's the pics, most of them from the Flood's attack frontier.
[Pics enclosed along with the map and this very .txt.]

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