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Dont Look Down!!

Battle atop an old Forerunner mining facility on Halo's tallest mountain with weapons like the flamethrower, sniper, and shotty. There are four levels with teleporters on each level leading to the top so you can snipe. There are two new custom weapons.

Best with 6-16 players.



       By An Emu

"Don't Look Down!"


	An abandonned forerunner mining facility on the cliffs of Halo's tallest mountain. There are four levels of platforms designed to keep you looking up and down for enemies. Under each base, there is a sniper rifle and teleporters that take you to the highest structure in the map, where you can snipe enemies or grab the deadly flamethrower. On the bridge linking the two bases, you will find a shotgun sitting on the hoverpad. It is a good quick grab before assaulting the opposing base. From here, you can drop down and climb the ladder up to the base, or better yet, take the gravity lift! A rocket launcher can be found on the lower bridge. Once you pick it up, jump down to the bottom level and grab some extra ammo and an overshield or invisibility before teleporting to the enemy's base. But watch out, there could be somebody lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce! If defense is your game, a turret capable of ripping your opposition to shreds sits next to your base. Just don't get sniped, you are a sitting duck! 
	The map also contains 2 custom weapons, the X7 Rifle and the Dual TM-14 Magnums. The X7 is an excelent long range weapon, sporting a 3 shot burst, while the dual magnums are only effective at close range (But man are they effective). Furthermore, this map features a custom turrret, custom sky, and animated drills mining precious minerals from the cliff wall. 
	Best played with 6-16 players... Like that will ever happen...

This map is open source!!! (But please do not claim tags as your own.)
Have Fun!!

Map Size: Small

Map Design: An Emu
X7 Rifle/ Dual Tm-14's/ Turret: An Emu
Custom Textures: An Emu
Animated Drill: An Emu
Most Everything Else: An Emu

Beta Testers: 
Party Grunt
Wizard ZX
[FBI] Zet
Bloodthirsty Emu

Special Thanks to Masters and CMT for the gravity lift, KiLLa, and to anybody else who helped me out along the way!

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