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Remember messed up? This is basically a version with more features. See the r...


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Remember messed up? This is basically a version with more features. See the readme for the majority of the changes. I like the fact that you can only have one tank per team, as I am not keen on tanks (they waste my pistol ammo). Basically, the sniper rifle is the best weapon on this map, as it shoots tank rounds. Basically, read the readme for this and the last one as the mod is a combination of the two.

And well done on the spelling cloudwolf ;)


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Download 'messed_up2.0.rar' (4.09MB)

This is my read me so.... READ!!!! ME!!!!

 Ok, this is the second version of my game.I have added two new teleporters and change the force of the banshee fuel rod cause it gets super annoying. You can only have one tank per side now and the teleporters will take you to higher ground. If you are a good sniper..... You can easly win in this mod, or not.
   I like this so I command you to too!
  Mod made by me but map mad by Bungie (happy that I spelled it right?). Pls ask me before you use any of this mod for your own mod because you will crush me if you do it without my knowledge. Um, back up you bloodgulch map before you replace it with this one, but I doubt you will want the old one cause, well, because I BEG YOU NOT TO!!!! Lol, Just kidin. Find the teleporter and you will own almost all.

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