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This is the first 2 maps of the Metroid Online stuff its really really good and contains New Weapons new maps and a Samus model only availib...


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This is the first 2 maps of the Metroid Online stuff its really really good and contains New Weapons new maps and a Samus model only availible to this map.

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Metroid Online – Tallon IV Overworld Release Candidate 1

Modeled by: Sc00by
Textured by: Lightning
All-around help: Teh Lag
Scripting and Mod Assistance: Kirby
Original FP Cannon Model: Wave of Lag
Original FP HUD Model: Jahrain
Samus Model: LiveWire
Beta Testers: RJ, Bass, Pixie, Elmo, Sonic and Halodoan
Original Mod: Byram
Original Biped Animations: TheGhost
Website: Phil
Team Leader and Tag Organizer: Seraphim
If I missed you, I’m sorry. I’ve had so much help in the past, it’s hard to remember everyone, but I sincerely appreciate everything everyone has done for us.

*This version is for play-testing, and for feedback regarding the mod.*

	Tallon IV Overworld, the first area Samus crashes down upon after escaping the pirate frigate in the beginning of Metroid Prime. Notable features are the waterfall and pool of water below it. A lush rainforest landscape of foliage covered in a downpour of rain.

	The Mod consists of the following:
* Accurate Samus Aran biped with custom animations and textures
* 3 original beams: Power, Plasma, and Wave
* 1 new beam: Havoc Beam, that provides rapid fire “havoc”
* Custom sounds for when you are hit and during death, as well as the original beam cannon sounds from the game
* A fully-3d HUD that moves as you move, with swapping icons for each of the beams and a working missile counter
* Custom first-person animations for the beam cannon, including firing missiles, charging, firing, and melee (with the oddball)
* A Metroid hatchling as the oddball and flag that moves inside its’ containment pod, with custom idle animation
* Stunning beam FX and a unique gameplay experience with 4 different balanced beams to choose from
* Be rewarded with a healthpack as you kill your enemies or snag one from a downed ally, which adds a new element to the gameplay experience

Special Thanks: My Wife, Metroid Database, Metroid Metal, Halo 2 Vista’s forums, Gearbox’s Forums, and Masters for his tutorials.

All Metroid-related content is based off intellect property owned by Nintendo. All original content is copyright Metroid Online Map Team.

INSTALL: paste the .map files in your HaloCE maps directory


CREDITS: i didnt make this mod i merely was allowed to post it on filefront so all that stuff up there isnt mine its MetroidMap teams

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