Its a map that is set in a giant crater on the moon


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Its a map that is set in a giant crater on the moon

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Download 'mooncrater1.rar' (5.6MB)

Moon Crater 1.0 Beta Created By Icetiger

| Background Story |
The Spartans have been sent to an ancient crater on the surface of Earth's Moon to investigate an energy disturbance. When the Spartans landed they set up bases on opposite sides of the crater as well as bridges above. But they soon found that inside this ancient crater was another, smaller crater which was caused by a recent meteorite impact. This impact uncovered the top of a mysterious alien pyramid buried underground which was made of previously unknown, superstrong metals. All though the purpose of this pyramid is not known by the Spartans, they realize its importance and begin fighting over the alien technology.

| Features |
- Moon-like gravity adjusted for gameplay balance
- New weapons like the sword, axe, and gravity rifle made from superstrong alien metals
- Minor adjustments of original weapons to improve gameplay balance
- Two bases on opposite sides of the crater complete with teleportals and tunnels
- Two bridges above the level for transportation
- Huge underground pyramid in the middle of the crater
- Support for all gametypes

| Notes |
- I know that there are some lighting errors on the level. I left the computer alone for 4 hours to run the full radiosity and when I returned it was only 1/10th of the way finished. (and yes my computer is fast (amd athlon xp 3200+ proc.)). So to keep you from waiting longer to play it I released it with only the debug lightmaps.
- I know that the tall rocks are a little out of place, but they are a temporary solution to keep players from getting outside the level

Created by Icetiger June 28, 2004
Please visit my website at

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