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No Remorse is a great map for slayer, oddball, race, and other game types suited to tight confined maps. This map consisits of many hiding s...


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No Remorse is a great map for slayer, oddball, race, and other game types suited to tight confined maps. This map consisits of many hiding spaces, small paths, halls, overhangs, and rooms. This map is based in a city with a beach long about 1/2 of the map Hope you enjoy.

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No Remorse , By NeuroKoNeza ,ZexGX , Lightning Rec0 and with affiliation with H2ce
Well here It is people , the map ive been wanting to get out for quite awhile now , is finally going to be released soon! The mod (H2ce) has been getting back together and much progress has been done , but its still been taking too long , so a few weeks ago I decided to just get it out there as a classic version. A map doesnt have to have a mod for it be fun and popular , and this map will prove that. But also keep in mind a H2ce version shall come sooner or later. (The map it’s self has been done since last Novemember , but waiting on the mod is the only reason it wasn’t out before :X )I posted some renders awhile back showing how the map was , but if you don’t know what No Remorse is , I’ll be glad to reintroduce you

Originally Posted by Nitrousoxide
No Remorse features many twists, turns, back alleys, lofts, appartments, nooks, crannies and just about anything else you'd normally find in a terrestrial city. While there are many tight quaters that force face-to-face firefights, there's just as much open terrain to be fought over. Check out the vast beach that surrounds 50% of the entire level.
Under a dusk sky lit by a setting sun, there's not much peace and serenity to be found when the lights go down in this city by the bay!Although I feel the map suits slayer and KotH gametypes best, CTF works seemingly well. One can either take the straight away but longer route from his base to the other by way of the beach, or take the short route (if you don't get lost or caught up, that is) through the winding maze of streets and back alleys. Either way, you'll find the flag nessled within a building of some sort, regardless of which base. Although the map is definately asymetrical, flag placement and base layout is fairly similar, so no worries about unbalancedness.
One of the coolest parts of the level is the rooftops! In Turf, you are limited as to the rooves you can access, yet in No Remorse, you are encouraged to engage in roof top slaughtering! This makes KotH games AMAZINGLY fun and sniper matches a blast. You can access the rooves in many different ways. Most buildings have interiors in which you can explore to find goodies like weapons, powerups, hiding spots and most importantly, roof access. Normally, roof access is by way of ladder from the inside of a building or appartment, but sometimes, you can get on top by way of air lift, climbing on top of various objects or who knows what other methods! Like the streets, the rooves are scattered with weapons and goodies, mostly sniper parephanalia. You won't find any sniper rifles on the ground, as you won't find any SMG's on the roof. It just kinda makes sence. I must say that I honestly enjoy this map more than Turf and I think the more complex layout of No Remorse is what we were all hoping for in Turf. Don't get me wrong, Turf pwns your socks, but No Remorse pwns your socks, shoes and boxors. Mostly anyone who's played No Remorse agrees, too.

That was from what Nitrous wrote about this map awhile back when he revealed it on the H2ce site , and his description pretty much sums up the quality of this map. This map might just be one of the most detailed maps to date , so I’d say this is defiantly something to get ready and get excited about. But w.e , you all want to actually see what this map looks like , so lets get to the screen shots!!!

! Release date !: April/1st

Lightning is going to play around with some moinor things before saturday , but other then that its all completly finished.
Keep an eye out for a new cinematic video and some other media regarding No Remorse this week!
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And here is what Sakievich thought about the map:

Neuro has been kind enough to let me see his no_remorse map and has requested that I review it.

This is probably one of the most carefully thought out and planned maps, that I have seen in a long time. It provides for simple straightforward gameplay while allowing plenty of room for variation. While seemingly chaotic when looking at the map at large, it actually flows very well. It has essentially a three level play area and by that I mean up and down. Which means you no longer look for the enemy on one plane, but instead have to be prepared at all levels for unexpected attacks! So, watch the roofs and overhangs.

I think this game will be enjoyable for both small games and large games and for all gametypes. The Halo CE community should be able to easily take advantage of this map for great gameplay.

CTF. The bases for ctf are marked visibly with blue and red vending machines. Which is a smart, subtle and unique way of marking the bases.

Slayer should be endlessly fun with enemies coming from and going everywhere.

Oddball has plenty of room and routes for the runner to get away to, while not being able to escape completely away.

Race, remember race? Anyone?

King of the Hill, forget being able to anticipate your enemy's approach.

Visually it's spectacular. It's varied and and complex with wise use of bitmaps, lightmaps and an original sky. It's simply enjoyable to look at. The areas are varied in overall appearance yet work as a cohesive whole. There are close and open areas. The model appears to be well constructed with wisely placed geometry and portalling. The bitmaps are of the highest quality and appear to be nearly completely original.

I look forward to the H2CE mod, but I think everyone in the HaloCE community should be more than thrilled to play this on ol' Halo Combat Evolved!

Sorry if this sounds gushing, but I can't help it when I see great work.

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