Offspring32390's Flag Skin Pack

Here we have a flag skinpack from Offspring32390. This skinpack contains many new skins for the flag and one new skin for the flagpole....


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Here we have a flag skinpack from Offspring32390. This skinpack contains many new skins for the flag and one new skin for the flagpole.

The skinpack can be used to add variety to how the game looks if you are bored with the current flag skins. The pack contains plenty of new variations and ideas that will allow a lot of choice for what you want. On a personal note, I quite like the Irken flag, shown in the third screenshot below. A recommendation from me, I thought that some of the flags needed to be slightly more varied, as some of the colors are a little too similar and flat, but overall, a varied skinpack with some nice alterations if you fancy a change.


N.B. Be sure to back up your original flag skins, otherwise you will have to re-install to get the old ones back should you want to revert back to the standard ones. Do so by opening [bitm]weapons\flag\bitmaps\ [flag, flag_blue or flag_red] in HMT and saving the texture before injecting the new one.

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Download '' (3.21MB)

This is my second submission to, the first being the Red Rocket Warthog a while back. Anyway, lets talk about THIS set of files. This is just a pack of skins for the flag used in CTF matches. Most of the flags have a Red and Blue variant, but some don't. The content of some of the flags however belongs to other people. The following flags contain content on them that is not my own original work:

7th Column Flag
Offspring skull series Flag
Fiend Skull (Misfits skull) series Flags
Gears of War Flags
Gir, Irken and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JTHM) Flags
Pink Floyd Hammer's Series
Halo 3 Master Chief and Halo 3 emblem flags

The content of/on the above mentioned flags belongs to their respective owners and I do not claim such original content as my own. I claim the flags themselves as mine however, as I am the one who made them. If you wish to incorporate any of these into a mod, you are more than welcome, however, do not claim the flags as your own (i.e. give me credit). Make sure to back up your files FIRST before you alter any of your game files. I am not responsible if you mess up your game and/or computer.

I also included a skin I made for the Flagpole. I thought the shiny golden skull on top looked kinda tacky, so i changed the color of the skull to be a bit more natural, and now it looks a bit like the Oddball skull.

To install these skins, simply use Halo Mapping Tools to inject the textures.

If you have any Questions, Comments or ideas for new flags, feel free to e-mail at Please leave feedback!

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