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Well carto mod bring us a new map. Bloodgulch to be precise. But it's not a normal Halo PC bloodgulch mod such as you might expect, but a s...


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Well carto mod bring us a new map. Bloodgulch to be precise. But it's not a normal Halo PC bloodgulch mod such as you might expect, but a shiny new variety with go faster stripes and AI bots. On one side is you and a load of marines, on the other is a group of covenant. They (as per usual in Halo 1) want to kill you and the rest of the marines. You have to wipe them out and/or capture the flag.

This mod has marines on one side and all types of covenant on the other. You play as a marine (who can jump very high incidentally) and this is obvious ingame because Cartomod included Bitterbanana's 3rd person to show you. They have altered the skins of some of the weapons and the marines, however the BSP remains the same. I must say I really enjoyed this mod. It's fun with the sniper rifle and overall I really enjoyed it. I hope you all do too.


N.B. I would like to remind you all that AI bots do NOT sync over the internet or LAN so it is essentially a single player level.

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Download 'pbsaturation.ace' (8.18MB)

Perspective Beta:
 Blood Gulch, nka Saturation

->This is going to be the 1st mod of many, with an entire campaign do-over coming afterwards. The PB series will allow you to play as many different characters, and this particular mod puts you in the Battle of Saturation, a skirmish that took place on Halo. The scenario is: you, an ordinary marine, are part of a large force of about 500 or so. The Covenant have taken a base on the opposite side of the canyon, and its your job to kill them all, or CTF, depending on what game you're playing. Obviously, due to the nature of this mod, KoTH, Oddball and Race are out of the question. 

->It is illegal to modify this in any way without my prior consent. I do not mind this being distributed, but you must send this read-me as well.

->Enclosed is a copy of bitterbanana's, akaShaun Williams', thirdperson.exe application, which, if used, makes the game much more enjoyable being a marine. 
->Using SparkEdit to alter this map does not work, it simply deletes all AIs present in the map. Do not use SE!!!

->Everyone at CartoMod
->[GC] Specops for some of the ideas
->CLuis for HHT
->MonoxideC for HMT
->All the beta-testers (you know who you are, there are too many to name)
->Whoever made the &quot;bloody and battered vehicle skins&quot;, &quot;bloody mc and healthpac skins&quot;, and whoever made the EZ reticles pack.

Happy Mapping, Modding, and Gaming

Manager of CartoMod

Contact Info
-> cartomod [email protected] hotmail -.- com
Oh, and if you can't work that out, you shouldn't be able to read this.

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