Plasma Blood Gulch

From HHbrooklyn, we have a slightly unusual mod today.

This mod swaps many of the textures in Blood Gulch around, resulting in transparen...


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From HHbrooklyn, we have a slightly unusual mod today.

This mod swaps many of the textures in Blood Gulch around, resulting in transparent pink trees with Jackle shields as leaves, and other such oddities. This is another mod that seems to vary the situation with cover a lot, destroying many nice hiding places. A small skybase has also been added.

The weapons are, according to the developer, as balanced as he could get them whilst altering the gameplay, and to this extent he has definitely succeeded. The shotgun is now a lethal weapon, killing instantly, but the spread has been reduced to a pinpoint, making it hard to hit anyone at range. The assault rifle has a slightly odd burst fire if fired once, but will fire automatically if the trigger is held down. The rocket launcher will now fire both its rockets at once, and will home in on nearby targets.

Anyone lucky enough to get in the gunner seat of a Warthog will find the mundane machine gun replaced by a laser that stuns the enemy and stops them dead in their tracks. The speed of tanks has been dramatically reduced, but the main cannon now fires a deadly accurate fuel rod. The rocket Warthog's gun turret fires the same rounds as the rocket launcher.

One of the most balanced mods I've seen in a while. If you're looking for a little variation in your maps, this might be it.


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Download '' (5.39MB)

back up you maps,
C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS
and replace the old blood gulch with this new modded  one

here is "plasma blood gulch II"(OMG) all the weapons have been changed
so have the vehicles here is a quick run down of the mod changes

-tank is slower, alot slower. BUT now fires fuel rods and cannon has 0 bullet spred,
made to be a support vehicles

-Hog has a stun laser that well.....duh
actually works really well in game

-included game type 

-sky base that does not get in the way to much

-if you hold down fire with the shotgun is has 0 bullet spread  
with 1 shot kill but is hard to aim

-AR shoots in a weird burst mode if you click the fire button
 you'll continue fire in fullauto, same damage as pistol (head shots included)

-flame thrower is an omg that’s cool weapon

-sniper has an exploding round BUT you still need to hit you target
for it to work

-mod is intended for human vehicles and weapons

-rocket launcher fires 2 tracking bolts, but you need
to get a lock on you target for It to work 

-RHog same as rocket launcher


-no sun

-no sky detail 

-weapons are balanced , as best as I could get them

-highly suggest playing in a match of ctf  

-bipeds are normal skin 

hope all of you who download enjoy.
if there are any questions you can contact
me threw 
X-fire: gargoylebrooklyn

other stuff...
you can repost this mod 
just let me know where and when

don’t clame this mod as your own

copy my idea not my mod

hope you all enjoy.

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