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NOTE: This is not the final version of the map; this may contain unknown and known bugs that still have to be worked out in future releases....


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NOTE: This is not the final version of the map; this may contain unknown and known bugs that still have to be worked out in future releases. Also more content is planned to be added into the map as well.


This uniquely designed average sized map was first conceptualized over a year ago, but I have now brought new life into to this map. This map has a distinctive symmetrical layout set up preferably for CTF and Slayer matches for 4 to 16 players. It includes a large exterior set up for vehicular, aerial and long ranged combat, and a closed corner smaller interior built for closed corner arena styled gun to gun combat which is shielded from the obstruction of the vehicular combat going on outside. The bases have a tactical layout for offensive and defensive maneuvers during CTF play. Also with the addition of a few portals, wide arrays of different flag routes are opened up to help fan off any possible bottle necks. This map is great for those who love heavy vehicular combat in large maps, or those who prefer small maps and hate having to deal with those whoring vehicles since both groups can be effectively segregated yet still play together in the same map.


What is Prime? This structure is a highly advanced weather control and maintenance facility. Its purpose it to keep the fragile climate of Halo stable to allow life to flourish. Although this structure meant for a good purpose, the ability to control the weather can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands. Now that you have tampered with this complex facility, you have set the once idyllic and tranquil weather catastrophic and now an immense storm has formed over the structure. Now it’s a fight for survival with winds soaring past 300 mph only a few hundred meters away from the structure. There is no aerial pathway in or out. You are wedged within the non moving eye of this storm as winds only continue to pick up and no signs of the storm calming down.


This map is released in 2 parts, Prime_C3 and Prime_T3. Prime T3 is the tournament edition of the map. This map contains no modified or new weapons, vehicles, or bipeds. This set up is for official games or those who are already comfortable with halo’s existing tag set. T3 has optimum performance with traditional classic styled gameplay.

Prime C3 is the custom edition of the map. This map includes many modified original weapons and some new content as well. The new content available includes my newly released biped tags, my good old magnum tags, and my trusty Bulldogs tags which were introduced in Chronopolis. Also some of the original weapons have new ‘twists’ to add to the gameplay. This includes an anti-vehicle Rocket Launcher. Just hold down the trigger for 2 seconds to release a ricocheting homing rocket that only works on vehicles. Also the needler has a secondary function that shoots timed explosive needles. These needles do not home in on targets but will detonate after 30 seconds on what ever it’s attached to. Plant about 2 or 3 of these needles in your enemy and they will be sure to die within the next 30 seconds if they do not kill themselves first. >:) There are lots of other small modifications to other weapons, to much to name but you may notice how effective once useless weapons have now become. C3 provides new and spectacular visual content as well as new twists and turns in gameplay to prove lots of fun and excitement for those tired of traditional play.

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