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Yet another Blood Gulch mod that has been submitted to us, it will replace your standard so back up the original.

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Yet another Blood Gulch mod that has been submitted to us, it will replace your standard so back up the original.

The author has given the player the ability to super-jump, which is utterly useless. Suppose I want to jump up from behind a ridge to attack a player, well now you get rocketed up until you hit the top of the map box, then hang for a second, then fall downwards without any ability to control your fall. Sniper bait.

The Warthog (both Standard and Rocket) have been given the ability to fly. While this seems a handy idea at first the controls are abysmal. You have to hold Space to float the hog up into the air, then release Space and hold W to move forward. Letting go of Space causes the hog to immediately lose altitude, so alternating between pressing W and Space is required to fly the hog. I can't understand why the controls have been modded like this.

Once in the air, the hog is fine unless you have any plans to turn. The hog doesn't turn in sense, it sort of slides in the general direction your turning into. Tight manovers are practically impossible.

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Download '' (5.36MB)

ONLY use this map for normal halo!
this map replaces you normal bloodgulch map so put the original in a safe place!

basically just a really cool mod of bloodgulch, made with HMTv3.5
any questions just feel free to IM me with xfire with the username pyroanimaniacs

id like to thank my friends who inspired me to mod, my inspiration was
chaosgulch for halo ce but this map has FLYING warthogs,

the map does work so (its had more than weeks of testing by me) 
so if it doesnt for you then you need to figure out how to install it. (below)
if you complain alot to me ill just ban you from ever talking to me ever again.

INSTALLATION: ok for really new people to the mod world, go into your hard drive that you installed halo in,
then program files, then Microsoft Games, then Halo, then MAPS. there boom ur done :)

email and xfire
xfire= pyroanimaniacs
email= pyroanimaniacs AT yahoo dot comma

*Warthogs fly*
*super jump /w out dieing*
other than that, have fun!

**Flying-Warthog Controlls!!!**        (hog now turns way more smoothly
press W for like 3 seconds, then let go and hold space(for best use) YAY u actually know how to fly!!


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