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This is one of those mods that you can't see the changes at first.

I should of made it clear, this map is for Halo PC, not CE...


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This is one of those mods that you can't see the changes at first.

I should of made it clear, this map is for Halo PC, not CE The read me says that vehicles have been modded but I can't personally see a difference. The weapon models themselves remain them same as do the textures. The fire rate of some weapons have been increased and what they fire has been changed. The read me also says that more spawn points have been added but I kept spawning at red or blue base (this may have just been luck of the draw however).

New weapon spawn points have been added (see screenshot) and there are now 8 grenades at every grenade spawn point, (see screenshot) which seems rather pointless as you can still only carry four. The sniper rifle and pistol shoot Scorpion cannon rounds and have extended clips and fire rate's. The assault rifle has bizarrely had a large zoom added on to it, which is totally pointless and useless as the gun has zero accuracy at that range. The plasma pistol only fired charged bolts now with an increased rate of fire, it also has about 10 zoom levels, each only increases the zoom incrementally, I found this to be exceptionally annoying. The shotgun now holds more shells, but rate of fire and damage seem unchanged. Once again, a zoom has been added which I quite useless given the inaccuracy of a shotgun and the limited range. The plasma rifle appear unchanged, but surprise surprise, it has had a zoom added, this is actually quite useful addition to the gun and I was able to kill a fellow tester from half-way across the map. The rocket launcher now hold more rockets and has faster rate of fire, this was rather handy when fighting a tank.

I played around with the vehicles for a while, but I was unable to find any differences with them, with the exception of an insane fire rate on the Warthog's chain gun (which I quite enjoyed), a faster rate of fire and much faster reload times on the rocket hog (a definite improvement). The ghost seems to have had it's fire rate increased, but I had large trouble aiming at anything other than the ground. There also seems to be a small graphics corruption for the increased rate of fire. The Scorpion seems to have had a 'ludicrous speed' gear fitted, it's undriveable at this new speed and flips easily.

All in all, this is a good mod, but it needs a little more common sense added to it.

EDIT: I added the 3rd screenshot to show what happen when I ran the Scorpion into a wall at it's new speed.

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Download 'rasma_chasm_super_mod.zip' (5.36MB)

Rasma Chasm Super Mod  |

Sup to everyone who gets my Mod +) I call it Rasma Chasm Super Mod ( My Friend Made That Up(thanks Canti =D)), I would of called it Rasma Chasm Mod but that name was already taken....go figure....
Make sure you have a backup copy of all your map files, to do this go to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo/maps, then right click on the highlight all the files, there sure be a thing on the side of that page that says copy the selelcted items copy (make sure you have a folder to put them in, i would suggest making a new one. then go into that folder and hit paste.
Then put the mod into the halo maps ( yes hit replace), and there you go
Ive modded just about everything in the map, ive included one secret teleporter that leads to mid air so you die, so watch out!
Well ENjOy!

-Rasma Panda

Some Features May Include:
-New spawning points to REDUCE spawn killing
-Pistol and Sniper shoot tank shells
-Modded vehicles
-Much Much More!

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