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Remember the Raging Hog Skin by Jackle? Well this is a similar style, a...


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Remember the Raging Hog Skin by Jackle? Well this is a similar style, again for the red team. The banshee now has a bias towards the reds due to coloring. Basically, look at the screenshots, and it's blindingly obvious what I mean. That's really what sells a skin.

I think that the major thing this skin is lacking, is detail. It is essentially a red coating, with no details left. For future skins, I would recommend adding small details (scratches, marks etc) to give extra interest to the skin. But it's not bad and the red team symbols are nice touch. Anyway, without further ado; the Red team Banshee!


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Everyone loves the red team! So I made a Red Team Banshee!

Well this one is self-explanatory. I've made the banshee red, and slapped a couple of emblems on them, and in my opinion it looks pretty good.

To install this skin, and support the red team, open up HMT and go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\MAPS or whereever you installed Halo, and pen up any map. Now, scroll down to the bitmap tag. Open it up, and find the Banshee. Now merely click inject skin, now browse for my folder that you downloaded, and go into the "Skin" section. Click on Injected! Same for the Contrail, but find "Banshee Contrail" and my "".


More's to come.


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