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Prototype_z has created a set of replacement icons for your Halo 1 shortcut. They come in the colours of the main RvB characters. Personally...


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Prototype_z has created a set of replacement icons for your Halo 1 shortcut. They come in the colors of the main RvB characters. Personally I like Caboose the best.

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Red vs Blue Custom Halo Icons


___________/instalation and use\_________________________________________________________________
1] put the 'icons' folder in your halo folder [defualt= C:\programfiles\microsoftgames\halo] or just into C:\ which ever is easier
2]right click on the shortcut of the file whose icon you want switched then click in 'properties'
3]click on the 'shortcut tab'     {note 1}       (if the tab is unavailable then check the rest of the tabs for a 'change icon...' button)
4]click on 'change icon...' and browse to wherever you put the icons folder
5]select the character you want and click ok, then apply the changes and exit out of the 'properties' window      {note 2} 
{note 3}
{note 4}

you may distribute them to anyone but this cannot be sold
don't take credit for what other people did 
you are free to change these around and mess with the images but only if you know how! 

{note 1}

if you cannot find anything from step three then you may need to creat a shortcut to the one you are trying to change
and then put the icon on the new shortcut
this would most likely happen if you tried to change the icon that was located in your hardrive 
you should have no problem if the installer put a shortcut on your desktop during halo's instalation

{note 2}

you will not be able to see the color of the icon while choosing it
so i recomend picking which character to use beforhand so you know which one to pick

{note 3}

sometimes you may need to refresh your screen or change the icon a few times before it will show
this happens rarely

{note 4}

you can apply these icons to a shortcut of something else like folders and other programs!

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