SP AI Fusion - Icefields

Well well. This is a rare treat for me. A CE SP map with a new AI test function. I really do approve. Thanks Kirby.

Anyway. The file. Thi...


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Well well. This is a rare treat for me. A CE SP map with a new AI test function. I really do approve. Thanks Kirby.

Anyway. The file. This map is based in the MP map "Icefields" but has been converted to Single player for the testing of a new script and AI function that has been dubbed "berserker mode" by Kirby. This basically means that by pressing the flashlight button, an AI takes over your body and attacks enemies. This AI requires 1 minute to recharge after a 15 second stint. The map also features a custom HUD and by the look of it some nice new skins (the assault rifle in any case)

I found that this map was a serious challenge. The AI marine snipers were really difficult to be rid of even with my AI counterpart and to be honest, taking on an angry wraith with nought but a pistol and empty sniper wasn't the easiest of challenges. The map is made so much harder by the lack of spawn points, so I had to come back to it several times before finally completing it. I really enjoyed the map for the novelty, challenge and interest and I really like the HUD too. Nice work Kirby!

I heartily recommend this map to anyone who wants a challenge and to try out this great feature.


N.B. This map is a single player map, so needs to be loaded through devmode in Halo CE by entering: map_name "sp ai fusion icefields" into the console.

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Download 'sp_ai_fusion_icefields.zip' (31.53MB)

Singleplayer AI Player fusion test - Icefields
	By: Kirby_422

How to load map:
	Use console mode, and type map_name "sp ai fusion icefields"
mini overall discription:
	SP map where you share a AI within your body, and can call him out with the flashlight button for a 15 second burst, and then you must wait a minute before you can use him again. (trust me... you'll need him)

Main Discription:
	This map takes place in icefields. The point of this map is showing off the future of whats possible for SP maps, Berserker mode, where a AI takes control of your body, and does amazing things (awsome slaughtering lol).
To comence Berserker Mode, press flashlight. You will see black bars around your screen, the screen will blur, and time will go down to half speed (dramatic effects lol) and he'll control you for 15 seconds (it will acualy be 30 since time is slowed) all of these AI you face are just as smart as your AI.. they WILL kill you lol (yes, your AI can snipe just as well as those mariens).

If you try to cheat, the map will restart over and over again untill you turn it off :P (take that cheaters.. lol)

This map has no checkpoints, or even a win function, its just keep fighting untill you kill everything lol.

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