Spartan Training Grounds

stg_beta.zip —


Backstory: This crudely built facilaty was built on a human colony planet in the year 2531 (Milatary Calender) when the spartans where 20 years old. The name was kept classfied so that it did not fall into enemy hands. The grounds are also home to a small cache of covenant weaponry that the ONI had no further use for either because they had too many samples or they had finished with them.


The map. The map it self is surrounded by tall brick walls. within these walls are hastly dug out trenches and caves (in the center) and 4 buildings (one in each corner). Two of them are use for bases and have roof access and underground vehicle storage where two hogs can be found. A third building is a small bunker and a 4th building is a watch tower complete with an underground room which is home to covie weaponry and technology. Thanks to «Kg»ÆRÔ© for some of the textures on the bases.

Vehicles. Contains only human vehicles. The ghost was replaced by a mongoose made by baturkin17 (i think, not 100% sure on the creator) The Banshee and shade were replaced by theghosts turrets

Weapons Mostly human weapons apart from the covie weapon cache mentioned in the backstory. The only modified weapons are the AR and the RL. The rocket launcher now has a small amount of homing and is weeker. It also has less ammo. The Assualt Rifle is now shiny and is slight more accurate. Is also has a secondary trigger grenade launcher allow you can only fire it every 9-10 seconds.

Other changes Spartans have blue visors and i swapped the cubemap on the armour too. Back in 2531 the MJOLNIR armour wasnt the same as the armour in the first game. Thinking about it, they may not have had the armour by then, i cant remember. This mod isnt supposed to be accurate though, i just got bored and decided to make a random backstory. The spartans also use the marine dialog tags so they scream and shout more when they die. New scenry includes new human barricades and barrels although they use basic halo textures.


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