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This is a badass skin for the Assault Rifle, and applies to all maps. The gun itself is changed from gray to black, and the LCD screen is gr...


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This is a badass skin for the Assault Rifle, and applies to all maps. The gun itself is changed from gray to black, and the LCD screen is green instead of blue. The gun still functions as it always has, this is just a graphic mod.

To apply the skin:

-Open the RAR file and move all the textures to a folder (I used Desktop\AR skin)

-Open any map except ui.map, bitmaps.map, or sounds.map in HMT (I used bloodgulch.map)

-Go to the Bitmaps section, and scroll down to weapons\assault rifle

-Select "weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\assault rifle multipurpose", and click Inject Texture. Open the folder you created and choose "AR Multipurpose1.dds". Click Save.

-Select "weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\assault rifle_fp", and click Inject Texture again. Go back to that folder and select "Special Ops AR New.dds". Save.

-Select "weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\display_fp", and Inject Texture. Choose "Special Ops LCD Display.dds" from the folder. Save again.

Now it gets a little tricky.

-In HMT, (still the Bitmaps section) select "weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\compass_plate" and you'll see a list of different images in that texture. They should all be 64x64, and there are 8 in all. Choose the first one, labeled "1- 64x64". In that folder you created, open the subfolder called "Special Ops Compass". Choose the texture called "Special Ops Compass Plate.dds" and save.

-Go back to that same texture and select "2- 64x64". Click "Inject Texture" and go to the subfolder again. Choose "compass_plate2.dds.2.dds" and save. Now, do the same for the rest of the textures in that series (use "compass_plate3.dds.3.dds" for "3- 64x64" and so on.) Remember to save after EACH ONE!

-Once you have all the textures injected for the compass plate, it's time to do the same for the ammo counter. It's the same principle, just a bit longer because there's 10 different textures instead of 8.

-In HMT, go to "weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\numbers_plate" and select the first sub-texture, labeled "1- 64x64". Choose Inject Texture and browse to the folder you saved all the textures in. Open the other subfolder, called "Special Ops Ammo Counter" and select "Special Ops Numbers Plate.dds".

-Once again, do the same with the rest of the textures in this series, and remember to save after each and every one. So, you would use "numbers_plate2.dds.2.dds" for "2- 64x64" and so on. Keep saving after every one. When you finally inject texture number 10, save one last time and you're done!

Now, all that work pays off nicely. This skin is injected into each and every map, campaign and multiplayer. It won't mess up your multiplayer game because it's purely a graphic modification. No gameplay changes at all. It just looks really badass.

Hope you have fun with this one, Zamamee

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