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This is Spiffy LePew's SIdewinder Mod. This mod is bascially a weapons, equipment and combat vehicle mod pack. The features of the mo...


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This is Spiffy LePew's SIdewinder Mod. This mod is bascially a weapons, equipment and combat vehicle mod pack. The features of the mod include the following:


UNSC The Assault Rifle is now very accurate and shoots 2 shotgun pellets for every 1 shot its supposed to shoot. The Pistol is now fully automatic machine pistol - in other words its just like the Glock 18! Shotgun is transformed into a chaingun, shooting the warthog's Light Anti-Aircraft rounds warthog and also has a high RoF meaning you can run around with a anti-banshee shotgun - the most fun! The Sniper Rifle now has 8 shots per round, 999 ammo, and full auto! great for those of you who are too cowardly to mix it up on the lower levels with the grunts! The Rocket Launcher is now automatic with unlimited ammunition.

Covenant The Plasma rifle shoots 12 shots at once, is single fire, and has low range of fire acting as the new shotgun! The Needler is now replaced with a skull, this is a one hit whack kill and you can zoom in up to 18. Yay binoculars! Plasma Pistol has some nice features }>

Explosives The Plasma Grenade is instant stick... you don't wanna know.. The Frag Grenades are the most popular of the assortment, these grenades are death balls, as instead of being a grenade, a fuel rod shoots from your palm, homing on your enemies. Things get messy. Fuel Rod shoots multiple shots at once, and has high rate of fire


Every Vehicle is skinned! Though I am not a big fan of the skins myself, especially the pink Ghost.

UNSC Scorpion Tank now shoots 50 needles like a shotgun, secondary also shooting needles. Side seats now available. Warthog does more damage with turret, and much faster! As if its hard enough to control in Halo CE already! The Rocket Variant Warthog now shoots a rain of death!!!

Covenant Ghost is way faster much like the boosted Ghost is Halo 2 and now shoots deadly pistol shots. The Banshee is faster and with advanced weaponry - still vulnerable to the new UNSC shotgun though ;).

Generally its a cool mod, with some great and strange combos for the weapons but it does increase the fun. The UNSC are slightly more at a tactical advantage with these upgrades but the mod is definitely worth checking out for the fun factor alone!


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Download 'spiffys_sidewinder.rar' (4.39MB)


1. open the WinRar archive
2. place the sidewinder map file into your Halo Pc map folder
3. say yes to replace
4. PLAY!!!

Email me at thebloschman@gmail.com for questions or bugs.    -SpiffyLePew

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