Tank V Banshee

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This is another Bloodgulch modification. Personally I'm not to fond of these, though this one actually servers a usefull purpose. Ech team gets an overkill of ammo and guns and you get a lot (when I say a lot, I mean A LOT) of tanks and banshee's. Therefor, In my opinion this map is best suited for BIG clanwars on a server with 16 people, though i don't know if halo can hold that if everyone is in a tank and shells are flying all over the place ;) One advantage though, this version is for Halo CE which means your "old" non-modded Halo PC bloodgulch doesn't get overwritten and you don't have to back up anything :)




Made by the newly founded supa slaya team

our first map modded weapon spawn pointslots of rockets and snipers on base
modded vehicles tank and banshee anout 7 banshess and 5 tanks per teamn

you must have the vehicle set for default
and weapon starting custom

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