The Last Spartans

Firstly I must apologize to echoranger449 for the delay in adding this file, I don't keep Halo Trial installed and I had to re-download the...


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Firstly I must apologize to echoranger449 for the delay in adding this file, I don't keep Halo Trial installed and I had to re-download the trial to test this.

The Last Spartans is a mod for Halo Trial which uses an installer which is quite a rarity around here. I'm not personally a big fan of trial mods and most rarely work right, but this is definately work a download.

A mod based on Bungie's "The Silent Cartographer" for Halo Trial where the player fights with Spartans against the covenant and their newest addition to their empire: human rebels.

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Download 'the_last_spartans_v4.rar' (6.29MB)

Brief summary about The Last Spartans version 3:
A mod based on Bungie's "The Silent Cartographer" for Halo Trial where the player fights with Spartans against the covenant and their newest addition to their empire: human rebels.

The installation is simple: click the installation file called "install" to install and "uninstall" to uninstall. You need Winrar to open the file. Don't have it? go to

Feel free to use this mod, or parts of this mod, for any mod you plan to make. Just make sure that you give credit to the people who I've given credit to, and to me if you use it.
You cannot protect any materials of your mod that incorporate any included in this one. If you use material that I have incorporated into this mod that was created by any one of the authors listed below, then you must request permission from them to use it.


Desert Camo Hog by V0Lt4Ge
Marines helmets by Elite_Green_Devils and me
Camouflage Marines by wwpsilentwolf
Desert Camo Pelican by «§§»Navras; skin darkened slightly by me
Sword model by Horror(TTX) (a.k.a. uzi9mm)
Pistol model by Snoopchicken

Programs:'s patch creator program
Monoxide C for HMT 3.5
Cluis for HHT 5
Grenadiac for Sparkedit
The creators of PPF-O-MATIC
The original plugins set
An older version of the plugins set
Phenomena's 60 plugin set
Bungie Studios, Microsoft Game Studios, and Gearbox Software for Halo Trial
Echo Ranger 449 for the rest of the mod

Contact Information:
AIM: echoranger449
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Websites: and

Thanks to days of beta testing, level designing, modding, great feedback, and a lot of spare time, I am proud to present SCAAI 2.9: The Last Spartans.

If you enjoyed this mod, if it gave you new ideas for your mod, or you think it's a good mod, send all feedback to (no registration required).


Ever played SC AI? Wanted a really challenging level like that? Well if you've played the beta versions SCAAI 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6, you're still in for a surprise! Be prepared to play my most heavily modded map yet, SCAAI 2.9: The Last Spartans version 3.

Storyline and Description

Imagine playing on Halo, fighting the marines. Let's first take a step back and explain why this could have happened.

First imagine that you AND a small group of marines actually made it off safely from Reach. Now like the rest of the story, you are stranded on Halo; you come to Halo to save some marines and link up with the other Spartans in your unit. Only one major difference: the marines are against you! It turns out that the covenant had let the marines incorporate into their ranks, just like the grunts, jackals, ect. In turn, the marines gave up their allegiance to Earth and the UNMC. In the game you'll hear the marines calling you a traitor because the rebels feel as if allegiance with the covenant is the only way to secure humanity's survival. Your Spartan group is capable of taking on multiple opponents and will take advantage of the cover provided during the beach raid. Keep in mind that your Spartan allies are not as enhanced as you are, and have never encountered stealthed opponents either. Since the Humans loyal to Earth were creating their own empire, why would they want to become servants? They are labeled as traitors to Earth and are no longer considered "Humans". You are to view them as covenant and to treat them as such. You are now continuing your mission as in the original game, allied only by your remaining Spartans.

The covenant and rebels have adapted to each other's technology at an alarming rate; the most obvious of which are the covenant shields that protect the rebels. Though the rebels are confident, you and your men are still Spartans and far superior to any individual enemy unit you shall encounter along the way. Keep strong, and remember who you're fighting for!

Note that this mod considers a reality where the Covenant are more sensible and see the humans as a good investment to the empire. That is, if the hard-headed prophets weren't the dominating race in Covenant politics, or at least up until the human confrontation. 


The plasma pistol has been upgraded to a larger force and damage amount. From what has been said of this new weapon, it can thrust, in one rapid fire burst, a target off the ground and force it several hundred yards away.  

The ZTN 62 Sniper Rifle is very similar to the standard UNSC sniper rifle, however, unlike the standard version, this one can hold up to 60 extra rounds in its first clip.

The W1ZQ "shark" pistol features a rapid fire capability of 1000 ROF. 

The Energy Sword is fairly common on The Island, yet it is still a powerful weapon. 
There is very little known about the Plasma Sword, which is only wielded by Stealth Elites. Sources have said that any hard surface that comes into contact with the weapon's plasma projectiles ignites them. 

Rockets home on targets, so be careful.
The Turret-less Warthog is not to be mistaken for the Civilian Hog. Featured near the front is a long-range, highly accurate "needler cannon". The Hog also releases "mines" which will incinerate all objects at or above the surface level the mine detonates on, except scenery, within a 20 ft radius. The Ghost has two seats, one for the driver (which has a plasma cannon similar to the plasma pistol), and another for a passenger.

Beware of the Pulse humans as the "needlers" that they wield create "pulses" that will kill anything that stands within a few feet from them. 

A small squad of Spartan II’s equipped with mark 5.6 armor accompany you on the beach raid.

Spartans: Equipped with sniper rifles and quick reflexes (almost zero reaction time), they can handle any number of humans at long range and five to ten humans at mid and close range. Note that this is assuming that the humans are only wielding sniper rifles and that the Spartans have adequate cover. They can, however, take one direct hit by a rocket launcher and around three pulses from a needler due to the mark 5.6’s fast recharging shields.

Spartan commanders: Like their subordinates, they possess quick reflexes and fast-recharging shields. They are slightly more intelligent, yet more aggressive. They wield pistols, so they are most effective at close range.

Your enemies comprise all but the grunts, whom have been replaced with the humans. There are three variants, however.

There are two main versions that can be easily identified by the powerups they drop; One will drop an overshield, but will be harder to kill. The other is weaker, and drops a health pack.

They now have rapid fire fuel rod cannons and are equipped with active camouflage- sometimes you will be able to salvage it after killing them; they are lethal in pairs, so keep an eye on both of them at all times.

Note that all humans have shields- some with more than others.
1.) The Pulse humans: they carry a pulse needler that creates a force field shock. Though it is a single-fire weapon, the pulse humans have been trained to go trigger happy on it.
2.) The Rocket humans: they carry rocket launchers that home on targets and will fire at targets up to a minimum range of 3 feet. Just imaging a nervous, and slightly smarter “flood elite” with a rocket launcher.
3.) Sniper humans: less aggressive than their counterparts, yet with slower reflexes than jackal snipers, are the human snipers. They are the most common type and should be easy to kill, yet still harder than grunts.

Have fun and

Before you comment, please note that this is
1.) A single player mod
2.) Not PMI'd/rebuilt
3.) The sniper rifle models are the original but incomplete (not all the models for the sniper rifle, and none of  
The shaders made it in)
4.) Unfortunately, for trial

***Edited: yes! I've edited the other assault rifle models to look like the sniper, that way when you back away from an enemy carrying a sniper rifle, it'll still look like one, feel free to use these models! Please mention my name with it if you do though, thanks!***

Also note that the latest version is a lot easier. Improvements are as follows:
Front screen menu graphics have been adjusted
The only golden sword elite is the traditional one
Elites have health packs and overshield
Some of the objective texts have been changed
Fuel rod tails and plasma bolt contrails are blue

Don't even ask me how long it took. If I had known it would take over 48 hours to make and adjust it, I would've recorded it.

If you think this mod is too easy, and would like to raise the difficulty (like increase the damage modifiers for the Spartan) feel free to do so. I've had enough with modding this map, and I want to see what you guys think of it. If you think you adjusted the difficulty setting on legendary right, send me a MSN ([email protected]) or AIM (echoranger449) message, and I'll check it out.

I do not want to completely spoil the surprise, but the golden elite (at the end of the level) has a powerup that has been found in bloodgulch (once thought to be useless, and is if used for multiplayer levels). Do not waste it; you may be able to save yourself out of an impossible position with it.

If you've played the Silent Cartographer a hundred times, you probably know that there is a shaft you can jump down into (in the silent cartographer structure, the first level near the entrance). There should be a stealth powerup right in front of it; I wouldn't suggest you use it until after you return on your way up.

If you get trapped in the room with the stealth Elites (next to the security room that opens the door to the silent cartographer), don't worry! Somewhere around the control panel (in two different locations) are two surprises; one will require a rocket launcher though, so bring one before you unlock the doors.

Note that the stealth elites carry the most lethal INDOOR (specifically for indoors, but can be used against cliff walls) weapon, don't go trigger happy on it though.

Further Updates
I may consider swapping the pelican with the Covenant dropship- a good vehicle to start off with since its turret can be modified to fire at a ridiculous ROF.

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