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A brand spankin' new biped by Jahrain for use in HALO CE Maps. This took him only a few days, and boy did he do a good job. The model is su...


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A brand spankin' new biped by Jahrain for use in HALO CE Maps. This took him only a few days, and boy did he do a good job. The model is superb, and the textures are guarenteed to even make Shadow (our vice admin) cry at thier beauty. The tags come with COMPLETE install instruction, and also a backstory behind this new spartan. All in all, a definete download for map makers alike.

Oh btw... expect this to be in my next map ;)


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Download 'thelostspartan.rar' (26.6MB)

The Lost Spartan: Jenna-109
New Custom Biped Tags by Jahrain


Name: Jenna
Sex: Female
Height: 6ft, 11inches tall
Weight: 650lbs


(NOTE: None of this information in any way ties in with any with the story told in the books for Halo)

Jenna-109 originally named Jennifer, born in 2515, was another victim to the SPARTAN II project after she suffered the same fate as John-117. She too was kidnapped from her parents at her early childhood and replaced with a mindless flash clone that soon died a few days after the cloning process. She was one of the very few humans born with the molecular structure fit to handle the intensive genetic and cybernetic alterations of the project. She was described to be tall, have short dark reddish hair, and cubby cheeks. Her brother however believed that she was abducted by aliens and later joined the FBI to investigate paranormal activity in hopes of one day finding the answer to why his sister disappeared.

She is one of 3 missing in action Spartans (unknown to be alive). Now she has returned but with many alterations. Her story began after she was captured by the covenant while on duty. After tough deliberations the covenants however, choose not to execute her but had a much more sinister plan to use her to their advantage. She went through a vigorous brainwashing process by having each cell in her half cybernetic brain manually reprogrammed by the covenant engineers. Some of these brainwashing techniques left her to believe she was a demon who was rescued by the gods to be given a second chance in life to fight against all that is evil.

Her suit is an alteration and improvement of the MJOLNIR Mark VI. The covenant engineers also replaced and redesigned many parts of the armor to be more equipped for dexterity, flexibility, and mobility. Using stolen technology, they were able to re-enforce her armor with an alloy that’s twice as strong but weighs half as much the alloy used in the Mark VI. Through these modifications and combining of technologies, she possesses a huge overall advantage being speed, defense and skill over her fellow Spartans from the project.

Tag Installation Instructions:

To have Jenna-109 playable in your multiplayer maps, you must first extract the archive into your Halo CE folder. Then open up the globals.globals tag from in the tags\globals folder in Guerilla. Now scroll down though the blocks until you find a block titled MULTIPLAYER INFORMATION. Then set the Unit field under this block to characters\hc3_mc\cyborg_mp. Now save the tags. After you compile your map, Jenna-109 should now be playable in your maps. I have also included some low-res textures if you do not wish to use my high def textures provided and also one with a multipurpose map without baked bump mapping.

Copyright and Usage Information:

You may have free rights to use these tags in any Halo CE map or mod and/or modify or improve these tags as you may please. All I ask is that you treat them as if you would treat Bungie’s content and to address proper credit to me (Jahrain) the creator of these tags with any releases. Also it would be nice if you sent me a PM over at the Gearbox Software forums ( to let me know what map or mod you have released using these tags. I would like to see where my tags end up. 

All these files were created by me and are under my full legal copyright protection as of 2006. You may NOT sell, or in anyway try to receive any sort of profit or financial benefits from the usage of the data and or intellectual property contained within these files. All Halo and Halo related trademarks are al legally copyrighted to Bungie Studios.

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