The Silent Cartographer v2.0



basically a slightly modified version of the original level. There are apparently new lines of speech for Cortana and various marines, but I didn't play far enough into the modified version to hear them.The tree that was stopping you from progessing further with the Warthog, where the Hunters are, is now gone. That was never a problem for me though as I always found a way to get the Warthog in there.I was that determined. ;)Anyway, pretty much the same level that you had before, with a couple of crashed Pelicans around.The marines have also become expert magicians, as they do now completely vanish when they exit the Warthog. I have to learn how to do that trick. Maybe they perfected it on the Autumn, or during basic training on Reach, lol. :DFile link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/20693906/43the_silent_cartographer_v2.0.zip-SuperSmeg


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