This Spartan Life Episode 2

This is the second Episode in a brand new, hilarious new machinima series that seems to hold much promise. Its center design is that of a ta...

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File Description

This is the second Episode in a brand new, hilarious new machinima series that seems to hold much promise. Its center design is that of a talk show, but being based in an open and live game (Halo 2), many strange and hilarious things end up happening. The full description is below, and is better than what i just said more than likely. Anyways, i believe that one day this series might seriously start competing with Red vs Blue. Anyways, I defentiely recommend a download!

Once again, please note this contains 5 WMV files, thus resulting in the 91mb file size ;)


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This Spartan Life~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Episode 2


Damian Lacedaemon is not your average talk show host.

He lives inside an online game where daily existence is a struggle
against overwhelming odds (and other, much better players.)
So he has taken it upon himself to create a little oasis of sanity where 
he can talk to people who aren't bent on his destruction. He invites
guests to join him in a live game where they can walk about and discuss some
of the finer aspects of life, music, art, sex, movies and yes, even games.

But he is finding it easier said than done. When other gamers join the game and
don't know they shouldn't be shooting at his guests, Damian is sadly forced
to revert to his old lethal self and clear the map of these brutes with their curt
utterances and barbaric tactics.

But once the fighting is done and the guests are blue in the face, the fine Solid Gold
Elite Dancers are there to shake thier avatars to the latest chiptune music.

Each episode is further broken down into modules.
The segments for episode 2 are to be watched in the following order:

Opening and Monologue -> 1002_open_web_S3.wmv
ILL Clan Interview -> 1002_ILL_web_S3.wmv
Body Count -> 1002_BodyCount_web_S3.wmv
Marty O'Donnell Interview Part 1  -> 1002_Marty_O_Final_S3.wmv
Solid Gold Elite Dancers -> 1002_Dancers_S3.wmv

----------------More info on the Series
Usually each full episode takes about a month. Also the crew releases
a bi-weekly blog about stuff. The main site is:

---The Crew
Produced and Directed by Chris Burke
Written by Chris Burke and John Dylan Keith
Camera Operators: Terry Golob and Michele Darling
Edited by Terry Golob

Forum creator and admin: Chris Chappell

Glitch consultant: Freddie Hewitt

Mad Halo Skills: Warrior 3000

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