Training Jump

training_jump.zip —


A map that is for you to practice different types of jumps to reach your destination on this map.



Map: training_jump, by {SU}Evans
Description: A long hallway in which u have to jump in diffrent styles to
             get to the end.

This is a new type of map that is going to be relesed for public.
It is a map in which you have to jump to get to your destination.
This, by the way, is just a training map, to see how to scale the jumps.
The real jump maps that i hope to make in the future will be alot harder.
Enjoy this map and train jumping for future maps.
This map supports all gametypes.
You must have it in slayer to do the jumps. 
All other gametypes you spawn in a small box.
\Starting equipment:
 All games : Pistol & grenades
\around the map
 frag grenades
 health packs
Nigtmare for his idea of jump maps
& anyone else in xfire who supported me.
well i hope you like it, and enjoy!

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