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Well, we have a slightly different mod for you today. Following on from his transparent Blood Gulch, Zoxin has edited the shaders of every s...


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Well, we have a slightly different mod for you today. Following on from his transparent Blood Gulch, Zoxin has edited the shaders of every single multiplayer map, giving every scenery item and piece of terrain transparency.

Whilst this may not seem like much at first, it varies the gameplay drastically. Used to hiding behind a corner, waiting with a shotgun, for some poor soul to walk right into your reticle? Not any more. The premise of camping has been almost destroyed by this mod, which I imagine will be a welcome change for many Halo players.

As noted with the original, the color scheme is also very viusally appealing, and will look good provided you have a fairly good decent GPU. However, when I tested this on a lower-spec system, it had problems with rendering the transparencies and exceptioned, so just be careful if you're running a slightly older computer.


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_§_Transparent Map Pack_§_
Description: This map pack is my first ever map pack release. It is 
based upon my test transparent map of transparent gulch. As in that 
mod, and implied in the title, all walls, hills, etc. will now be 
transparent (see-through) including the masterchief! Enjoy!


You will need the PPF-O-Matic to install this mod. It is available 
for download at if you don't already have it.

First open up the ppf-o-matic and in the "ISO File" space browse to 
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" folder and find 
the corresponding .map file and click open. Next go to the slot that 
says "Patch" in the ppf-o-matic and browse to the desired downloaded 
"[map name].ppf" file in the .zip folder (unzip everything inside the 
.zip folder you downloaded in order to use the mod). And tah dah! 
You're done! Just play a game on the changed map and see what has 

You need to have the backed up map to uninstall. If not, then sorry. 
I am not responsible for that.
To uninstall, take the backed up files and then just copy and paste 
the original file over the modded one.


Any other sites wishing to add this mod or any other of ym mods must 
seek permission first and foremost from me.


For feedback or questions contact me at:

Filefront Member Name: Zoxin0


If you put this file on your site or in your mod without my permission, 
there may be consiquences!

I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer after you have 
downloaded this file.

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