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This Halo trial mod is Darth Mertz's halofiles debut and, as the title suggests, makes some major changes to Halo Trial's Bloodgulch bases...


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This Halo trial mod is Darth Mertz's halofiles debut and, as the title suggests, makes some major changes to Halo Trial's Bloodgulch bases. Any feedback, and the his email address is in the readme, but if you do email or post below, please remember to keep it constructive.

Anyway, that's enough preamble. Not only have the bases been added to, but the weapons have been tweaked for rockets and snipers, introducing higher ammo capabilities and a greater zooming ability on the rocket launcher. Lots of weapons have been added to these bases and there is a little guard sniper tower for those of you who snipe. There are two platforms per base, on of which is on stilts just above the base and another set slightly further back with camo and shield on.

Overall I'm quite keen on this mod and not just because of the fact the weapons are pretty much normal. The engineering (as shown in the screenies) is of good quality and the bases aren't too unbalanced. I also quite like the teleporter arrangement as well, but I would think the sheer number of weapons and powerups lying around makes life quite difficult to make kills. But what are you reading this for? Go and download it should you wish to!


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Download '' (5.63MB)



-Each base has a second floor to it: a big, wooden platform on stilts.
-The banshee spawns on top of the second floor.  There are teleporters up to and down from the second floor.
-Each platform has a teleporter to its own cliff, which has overshield and camouflage placed on it.
-The rocket launcher can now zoom in as far as the sniper, and the rockets travel twice as fast.
-On top of each base platform is an armory, where every weapon spawns, in addition to the default spawn locations.
-Sniper and rocket launcher begin with more ammo, and the maximum ammo is about 2 times higher for the sniper, and is now about 50 for the rocket launcher.


1.) Browse to your Halo Trial maps folder- the default it C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo Trial/maps/
2.) Backup your file by copying it to another location, or renaming it (eg.
3.) Copy the file OUT OF THIS ZIPPED FOLDER to your Halo Trial maps folder.
4.) Launch the Halo Trial and start a multiplayer game in Blood Gulch!  Both Slayer and CTF are supported.


1.) Delete the file from your Halo Trial maps folder.
2.) Restore your original file (the one you backed up while installing) by either renaming it to, or copying it back into your maps folder.
3.) Halo Trial is now in its original form.


-This map is more oriented toards team games (CTF), due to the placement of sniper spots, the armory, etc.
-Do not claim this mod as your own, or imply that you made it.  Please give credit to me in the event that someone asks who made it/where you got it.
-Notify me if you use this mod or its aspects for your own.
-If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at

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